Compact Easy Cardboard Water Bottle Storage




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Introduction: Compact Easy Cardboard Water Bottle Storage

this is a great way to keep water bottles accessible for when you need to grab one on the go, and also is a fun and easy project for anyone interested in having a new, rustic wall piece for no cost! all you need is a cardboard box

Step 1:

the first thing you need to do is find a box that is the right size for you

Step 2:

second, get a water bottle and use it to trace circles on one side of the box

Step 3:

third, use a knife to cut out where you drew the circles on your box

Step 4:

last, take any old rope or string you may have lying around (I used an old ripped belt), and attach it to your box and hang it anywhere in your house

there you have it! your very own water bottle holder for free, and it can even be taken off the wall and carried around!



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    The simplicity in this is what makes it great!