Step 2: Preparation

On the second picture below, you see that Chell doesn't feel comfortable at all when sitting on the cube (Well, she is acting unstressed, but actually she is clenching her teeth). The high edges cause a hollow back, which will give her inevitable backaches.

This is why I idealized the model of the cube a bit, you can see that the edges aren't as high as in the original game.

Print this pattern in the right size on thick paper, so that the line on the right measures half of one side of the cube. When you print it with 100% size, the line is 20cm long (for a cube of 15,7").

Cut out the grey areas (Don't mind the dark grey areas yet, they belong together) and transfer their shapes with a pen on the backside of the champagne-colored leather in the right number. You don't have to transfer the heart, only the circle.
Important! Leave a border of 2 cm for every piece.

On the second picture, you see how the shapes have to be cut out. This needs no sketching first, just cut them out roughly.

When you are done with the patterns, you can cut out the 2 dark grey areas and use them as a sample for the styrofoam plate pieces (Again only the circle, not the heart). You still need the triangle 20 times and the circle 5 times. You can lay the styrofoam plates on each other to cut it out with a carpet cutter.

Image: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs46/f/2009/225/d/2/Chell_by_Kibaruto.jpg
<p>having trouble finding a good cube to use, any cheap suggestions? i want one big enough to sit on </p>
<p>So, How large is this Cube? I need a special Cube for a Nerf Party I am making. I figured It can be like an Escort mission when one player has to carry the Cube from The enemy's Teams Base to the other base while the other players are defending him/her.</p>
<p>Love this Instructable! Definitely going to try to do one. Still, I'm just a bit miffed that you didn't spell Zen like the universe in Half-Life, Xen. Otherwise, an amazing Insturctable. Can't wait to get started!</p>
<p>It took me so much time to do this ! Gosh, didn't think it would be so long. But i'm pretty proud of it ! Not as perfect as the tutorial, but I find mine more cute :-D thanks for the tutorial.</p>
Hi, this is great ! I'm trying to find the components atm, but I struggle to find &quot;styrofoam&quot;, I don't know where to search. Any advices ? protip : I live in France.
Thanks! This does not have to be necessarily styrofoam, it can be anything between soft and hard, like seat padding or a few layers of flat insulation material used for windows or something like that.
Too bad the cake is a lie otherwise I would've had a portal-themed party with these :D
Just have one with pie, thats real.
The pie is a lie, the cake is a fake.
Have you finished the game dude :O I saw the cake its there man!
where would you find a sitting cube?<br>would an ikea have one?
If you don;t mind paying a little bit more for the project you can purchase uncovered foam ottomans from fabric stores.
What ever you do dont kill it D= <br> <br>Looks epic! I cant wait to try and make it myself. <br>Where did you get the leather?
such a cool idea, I love it!
Very good, how squishy is it?
As squishy as it can be for 5&euro; :D But squishy enough to be comforting ;)
This is fantastic! I'm definitely going to be making one of these! Must find a cube!!!
okay I'm inpressed
I have a strange need to incinerate it.
GLaDOS would be proud.
:D Oh my goodness, this is amazing!
Great Instructable! Now I'm thinking of of a future project utilizing the <a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/hellraiser%20cube/iriealaskan/printable-cube.gif" rel="nofollow">Hellraiser Cube</a>!<br> <br> &quot;<em>We have such sights to show you!</em>&quot;
Nice! And while thinking about Portal 2, i just re-moisturized the drool-puddle at my desk...
Another excellent portal project! Thanks for adding the templates and everything! Perhaps adding a second picture to the intro or final steps with some sat on said cube?

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