Step 3: Covering the Cube

Picture of Covering the Cube
Now it is time to cover the naked cube with the grey leather.
Lay your cube on the backside of your grey leather and draw its shape 5 times with a pen and make it a bit longer on one side 4 times. Leave a gap of 5 - 10cm between the rectangles.

When you cut them out, be sure to leave a border of at least 2cm on every side.
The square will be the top part of the cube, so start with sewing the other 4 pieces to it and after 4 lines, you have a cross. Then sew the 4 other edges and you have the inverted cube.
This is how you sew:
Hold the pieces together so that leather touches leather and the pen lines are on the outer side and in line. Fix the parts with the stapler on the border and sew both pieces together, either with the sewing machine (which I unfortunately can't handle) or per hand. The picture shows how it should be sewed.
Tip: The twine you will need is always about 3 times as long as the line it sews.
When you are done, cut the border with the staples away.

At the end, you should have an inverted cube with 5 sides that you can turn inside-out now. Pull it over your sitting cube and fix it with the strong stapler on the bottom.