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I'm very sorry, I planned to create a step to step instructable, but since the game contest end, the paper contest is closing so I have to make a quick entry. Basically, It's a companion cube that light up when you put it on the button. The main power source is a small LED light that connect to a series of 4 LEDs. The magnet that I use are common black magnet which does not conduct electricity so it work perfectly-it can be divided into two conductive piece like the plan by sheet of metal. My idea is base on awesome this project: The most challenging part of the project is making the cube, I base my on this template: Basically, I add some edge on the original template so that fit for the thickness of the cardboard, a heart is cutted and cover with pink origami paper. After you check the circuit and make sure every thing works perfectlly, close the cube and paint it. The button is covered in red paper and glue on a white paper ring.
If you have any question, feel free to ask me!

P.S: Sorry if my English is bad.



TasinH (author)2016-12-12


It looks great! Even though the contests are over you should still make a step-by-step instructable, if you have the time! I'd love to know more details :)

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