Compare GS8208 and SK6812,SK6822,SK9822,WS2813 LED


Introduction: Compare GS8208 and SK6812,SK6822,SK9822,WS2813 LED

GS8208 LED is a new type led, It used the latest design and technology. Compared with the previous led, such as the SK6812, SK9822, and WS2813 led, it has a great advantage.

Step 1: The Differences Between GS8208 and SK6812, WS2813, WS2812B SK9822 Led

First of all, the major difference is that GS8208 is DC12V, SK6812, WS2813, WS2812B,SK9822 are DC5V, GS8208 high voltage, which greatly solves the voltage drop problem, GS8208 uses the latest technology, currently other DC12V leds on the market, quality is unstable, bad heat dissipation.

It is RGB series structure.Power supply voltage is 12V,and the LED constant current is 18Ma.Different to the parallel architecture of 5V power supply and 54mA drive current,the series architecture can provide a better drive ability.The new architecture’s total drive current is only 1/3 of the original one,and Vds=4V.The power loading ability is better.In the series structure mode,when the internal MOS paralleling with the LED is open,the current flow into the LED and the LED lights.When the internal MOS paralleling with the LED is short,the current flow into the MOS device and the LED close.Switching the MOS device by PWM signal can lights on or off the LED.

Because of using this technology,both sides colors are the same when light white color,power supply one side,60led/m,5m/reel. But it’s not the same color about SK6812, WS2813, SK6822, and SK9822.

At the same time the GS8208 has only one DATA input and output, unlike the SK9822, APA102, SK9822 APA102 also have a Clock signal, GS8208 Built-in PWM technology, supports 8kHz PWM refresh rate, and SK9822 seems only 4.7KHZ, APA102 is 19.2, WS2812B, WS2813 , SK6812 only 2KHZ.

Through above we can know, GS8208 compared with previous built-in led, there is a great progress, the pressure drop is smaller, breakpoints continued transmission, to ensure the stability of the project. let's know about deeply parameters of the GS8208.

Step 2: The Similar With the GS8208, the SK6812, WS2813, and WS2812B SK9822 Led.

Let's learn more about these leds. In fact, GS8208 has many similarities with these leds. We know that this kind of built-in led is generally used in SMD 5050 package, and the GS8208 has the same features as the SK6812, WS2812B WS2813. The protocol, single-channel 8bits data, each IC supports 3 channels, generally if a controller can control one, it can control other types. Transmission speed is 800KH, the same can be synthesized = 16777216 colors, grayscale is 256 levels. At the same time, the GS8208 is a breakpoint continuous transmission. This function is the same as the WS2813 and the SK6822, which greatly solves the damage of some leds and affects the operation of the entire project. This technology is further advanced than SK6812, WS2812B, and SK9822 led. SK6812,WS2812B WS2813,SK9822 GS8208 data transmit is in order of GRB, all of then Mls level is 6. So before you welding those chip , you must do dehumidification.



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