Picture of Compass Rose table
Coffee tables are nice, but they can sometimes be so plain. This table is a solid table and great for supporting several dozen cups of coffee, but the white space was dying for a decoration. So with a little bit of time and some paint it can get a bit of a nautical look with a compass rose.

Here's how to make it.

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
What you need to do this:
  1. Printer to print large stencils
  2. X-acto knife
  3. Spray adhesive
  4. 2 colors of spraypaint. I'm using Krylon Dual Burgundy and Krylon Dual Ivory here, but other color combos would work, too
  5. Clear Coat (optional)

Step 2: Print and cut stencils

Picture of Print and cut stencils
The files for the stencil are attached below. The stencils for the letters can be printed on regular letter-sized pieces of paper, but the main stencil is quite a bit bigger. The table I made this for is 36"x36" and so the image itself is nearly 24" wide. If you have a smaller table, you can certainly shrink it to fit what you're working on.

For the big stencil the image can be split up into multiple letter-sized pieces, but it is much easier to print it out on one sheet. The problem is with the cost as Kinko's will charge you a TON for a print this size. I found a printer that specializes in printing out blueprints for architects. The prints are black & white and the paper's pretty thin. In other words, absolutely perfect. In the bay area I used Sukam Copy & Print which did a great job.

With your stencil printed, go to town with an X-acto blade to cut it out.
Wi113 years ago
Looks awesome! It reminds me of veneer work. I'm always drawn to pieces that have been dressed up with "geometric" looking patterns. I may try something like that using contrasting woods, probably on a smaller scale at first though, something like a box lid.
cmetzger3 years ago
Attractive decoration. However, shouldn't the supply list incluce "one table"? Or, the title be "Decoration for Table"?
leonardml3 years ago
Wow! I've always loved the Compass Rose. Nice 'structable.
That's nice work, and a nice way to dress up a rather mundane piece of furniture.
Excellent! Llooks beautiful
Awesome :) Love the color choices!
Thanks! Gotta love burgundy