Step 2: Print and cut stencils

Picture of Print and cut stencils
The files for the stencil are attached below. The stencils for the letters can be printed on regular letter-sized pieces of paper, but the main stencil is quite a bit bigger. The table I made this for is 36"x36" and so the image itself is nearly 24" wide. If you have a smaller table, you can certainly shrink it to fit what you're working on.

For the big stencil the image can be split up into multiple letter-sized pieces, but it is much easier to print it out on one sheet. The problem is with the cost as Kinko's will charge you a TON for a print this size. I found a printer that specializes in printing out blueprints for architects. The prints are black & white and the paper's pretty thin. In other words, absolutely perfect. In the bay area I used Sukam Copy & Print which did a great job.

With your stencil printed, go to town with an X-acto blade to cut it out.