Competitior 1.2 Mod Addition





Introduction: Competitior 1.2 Mod Addition

So I know a lot of people have not built any of my competitor guns yet, so I decided to mod one of my own guns. I modded the first competitor to be a better looking and have more range. It also features removabe mags and a mag lock mechanism that isn't rubberbands. This thing gets at least 50 feet and punches through paper quite nicely. Overall I am very satisfied how it turned out and I haven't been this thrilled about appearance since my second Competitor, although people were not quite thrilled about the looks of that one either so we'll see how this one turns out. I haven't touched the Springbreaker since I posted the forum, but I will get back to it shortly with a new attack on the revolver mech.

Thanks for looking and commenting as always,




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    I like it a lot, but I would like to see a video of it shooting. If you do, thanks.

    Thanks! I will include a video of it shooting in the full ible of this gun. Hopefully I can get that out by Wednesday if I have some time.

    I like the looks it's awesome but you just have to post some instructions please ;)

    Thanks! I'll add that to the list of ibles' to be published. My ussual thing for instructibles is to only post things that I can post full ibles' for.

    Now thats a gun. Who wouldnt make this. Man you should make instructions because its tooooo good not to build!!! ~KD2000

    Well I guess I can make a guide for you.... Give me some time.

    ok thanks :) that would be great!!! cant wait lol!

    I'm sorry this isn't posted yet. I got distracted with a new project I'm working on so, after that it's being posted.