Today I bring you the previously seen Competitor AR! This is my first assault rifle and I have to say is on my list of favorite guns to shoot. It has a large yellow rod topped magazine with intents on war usage, however, this thing will need much more power before a knex war. With five rubber bands I'm getting about 30 to 40 feet of range which is pretty poor based on the amount of elastics I'm using however I will be buying some #64's so that should help performance immensely. This gun also has an awesome ergonomic handle and a comfy full length stock. The only thing I think that could make this gun better is if I could incorporate a longer handle for the bolt so I could charge the gun faster. Other than that it's fun to use! Please check out this video of me using it, and as always comment away!
<p>Beautiful!!! You post instructions?</p>
really cool <br>
My 500th Comment :)
Cool! <br>=D <br>
awesome job you get a favorite from me
Thanks! I hope to get an ible' up eventually. I'm pretty busy with school now but I'll get to it when I find some time.
I think this is your largest 1 yet :D
Length-wise it is. It think it looks pretty good.
That's a cool looking rifle you got there.
Thanks! You'll like my custom tr 36 even better. Sneak peak pictures coming tommorrow if all goes well.
That sounds amazing. :P
That sounds amazing. :P
Interesting I like it, though is it bolt action of just pulling a bolt? Either way its cool
Thanks I tried changing the description to not say bolt action anymore because it isn't. Found that out after studing ZKAR which I should have done in the first place.
Oh ok even so, it's cool
It looks good, great from an angle as in photo 2. It looks a bit cramped though, with that mag size. Cool that it's bolt action, if the internal photos get up. <br>But how comes that the range is a bit low? <br>Also, I liked how you waved a small 'hi' in the beginning of the video :p
Thanks! Secondly I'm not sure why the range is the way it is. As I said in my ible' I'll be trying some #64's on it to see if that will equal some more range. Overall I'm happy how this turned out, and I will be getting internals up this week.
You're welcome. <br>Also, that mistake is made more often, with the bolt action 'fault', don't worry
I was wondering why everyone was interested so I rechecked the ZKAR ible' (which I didn't get past layer one before becoming bored) and realized that there was more going on than I thought. Also that bolt action was actually what I thought it was, singling out ammo from a magazine.
Ah, okay. But I didn't really got your last sentence :/
Well it was an attempt at explaining what bolt action should have been except I failed...
Okay :p
Uhhh, I got a problem... Someone didn't do there homework on mechs..... <br> <br>This isn't bolt action... Sorry. I should have studied ZKAR much more closely.
Oh, whoops, I could have sworn that I had commented here.. NVM I guess. <br> <br>This is a nice build, its body is a bit blocky, but it being an BA (bolt action) AR is really pretty boss. I need to build more BA guns, but I have contentions with them. I would suggest that you make the bolt longer, just as you said, so that you could charge it easier, but I bet you are already working on it...? =D <br> <br>Just like The Racker said, I would love to see internals.
Uhhh, I got a problem... Someone didn't do there homework on mechs..... <br> <br>This isn't bolt action... Sorry. I should have studied ZKAR much more closely.
XD, oh... whoops.
Yeah I'm gonna need some internalz yo.
I'm kinda surprised you would say that. They'll be up this week at least maybe tomorrow if I find some time.
Why are you surprised? And it's a big gun and hard to see what's going on in the front. I want to see your bolt action mech.
I have a video up now. Have you seen the video.
Nah brah. But that's not internals.
Uhhh, I got a problem... Someone didn't do there homework on mechs..... <br> <br>This isn't bolt action... Sorry. I should have studied ZKAR much more closely.
Again =D. As my guns get bigger you seem to like them more. I still have my second Competitor and it's tiny compared to this thing! Anyway glad you liked it. I must be improving design wise.
Thanks! <br> <br>For your contest ;) --------&gt;=D <br>You know whats coming. Anyway it'll be up soon, just want to get in the balance of school, work, and knex projects.
Ok. Haha same here! ;)
Wow, looks great!
Ahhh...No. But I must say that would be cool. I'm getting some good ideas though! =D Give me a few days and I think I can get something put together.
nice love to see more pics
Cool! I'll get some more pics and a video tomorrow.
Thanks, more pics, stats, and video tomorrow.

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