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Introduction: Competitor IV

Almost a year ago, I previewed my first removable magazine pistol. It was cutting edge and the best gun I had ever designed, but now is 2013 and that gun appeared to be designed in 2008. Funnily enough, the first Competitor is the most built Competitor, even with all my other guns which feature much better mechanisms and add-ons. I tried to figure out why that happened, but then it hit me after talking with killersir, people liked to modify it. Basically the first Competitor was a great base for people to put there own image on.   Competitor IV combines everything from it's past and more. Features include: flip up rear sights, topped removable magazine, trigger guard, top tactical rail, 30-40 feet of range, and the best magazine lock on any Competitor! Yeah, I spent some time making the magazine lock because that part has always been a last second add on. This gun makes me feel really nostalgic about how far I've come as a gun designer and how far the competitor series has come in general.    Thanks for commenting and helping me improve as a gun builder!!  JonnyBGood



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    Thank goodness. I'll get it up next week.

    Wellllll..... you mean competitor ar? If so I will need to rebuild that one because I didn't think anyone was interested in it. (Don't worry I can rebuild it if you want it) u know you're still waiting on 107 and this one. Competitor iv is small so that can be posted whenever you want it. As for 107 by wednesday I can post it. For the rifle... not sure... maybe by next thursday if but I wouldn't have time to get 107 posted until some other time.

    Overall I'll post whatever gun you want. Competitor AR will take alittle longer since I have to rebuild it, but I'll get it up by next thursday.

    Sorry... as you can tell I'm late at posting again... I got caught up in being done with Zip2 and completely forgot this. When do you want this posted?

    I think that it is alright, but rather messy. Try to keep the bump on top a minimal. It tis very similar to your other Competitor pistols, but this one is great.

    Well thanks, but unlike my first guns there is no bump on the top... just a tatical rail. Can you clarify where this bump is? I thought this gun mocked the crude first versions in appearance. This gun uses the same mechanism as zip2 which is based off the generic mech used in your welrod so it's completely concealed in the bottom of the gun unlike the first ones top mounted one.

    Oh, the bump that I was referring to was what you call the tactical rail. I see, NVM. Great, and thanks for the info.

    "Get back to the basics with JBG Industries all new Competitor MK5! Customize your gun to meet your battle needs and destroy the competition! J-Strike Elite officers must be on the alert when in a k'nex war, and the all-new Competitor MK5 will let you rise to the top! Blaster includes: Competitor IV (MK5) Blaster (TM), 10 J-Strike Elite Green Rods, and Instructable. Colors and shapes may vary. Accessories built separately."

    XD Great gun dude!

    XD even better ad! I do plan on making a universal pistol eventually so the builder can build to there preference : mechanism, style... but that is much harder than expected.