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Introduction: Competitor Rival II

About: Hello. I'm JonnyBGood! I'm a college student who now has a degree in Mechanical Engineer Technology. (MET) (excessively worded to mean a person who builds stuff).I enjoy building K'nex guns and many other th...

        I'm JonnyBGood and this is my newest gun Competitor Rival V2. My competitor Rival series is basically my attempt to make the competitors more convienent and easier to use. The last rival offered a mag attachment device which was faster than ataching the mag with rubberbands. This Rival offers the auto attaching mag and mags with a top so mags can be preloaded or simply loaded easily with one hand.So now some stats...

Range: 40-45
Apearance: Decent  (not one of my best)
Mechanism: easy, not as effective as I would like sometimes misfires.
Clip: Works like a charm holds four.
Weight: Not heavy, just right
Broken pieces: 0 just not a fan of it



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    Cool, the trigger could be cleaned up though.

    4 replies

    Thanks for the input though.

    No problem.

    I thought it was alright, but it doesn't work as good as I'd wanted it to so I'll work on that in my next one.

    Yep, I make a lot of guns but a quite few of them actually make it to ible's.

    Alright, I got a little distracted, I will begin disassembling and pictures this week. Thanks for waiting!

    I think I can get an instructable put together within a few days, but as to when exactly, you know how college work can be.

    Thank you! Are you working on anything?

    yup im about halfway done with gun im working right now

    What might that particular gun be? BTW, hast thou contacted HQ about not being able to post pics?

    my best one (no details as i will be posting vids soon) and yes i have already contacted hq

    sorry no, appearently no one else has had this problem

    ...Dude, you have got to figure it out! I know that you have some cool stuff on your hands, and I really really really want to see some of it!

    yeah i know i wish i could figure it out too i do have some innovative stuff on my hands but soon i will be reposting my Scar for my first youtube video so yeah

    Cool can't wait to see it.