Brief instructable for the paranoid on compiling MadMACs.

Step 1: Obtaining the Software.

There are several reasons why someone would compile the source code for a program. One is to ensure that no hidden programs are being attached to their executable. Another is to make sure the executable is actually representative of the source code. Both of these present a security risk, and are easily avoided by downloading the source code, and compiling the program yourself.

To do this, we surf on over to the MadMACs websiteMadMACs website and download the source.

Since the source code is written in Autoit3 we also need to download this program to compile the code.

Now, the super extremely paranoid people will be saying "Well, thats a precompiled program, shouldn't I compile that as well?" My answer to that is, well yes, if you can audit their code then by all means go and download their source and find out what they compile it from. I'm not going to, I'm simply going to audit the relatively simple MadMACs source and be satisfied with that.
This is an instructable for a section of <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Automatic-Anonymous-Wifi/">Automatic Anonymous Wifi</a> that I felt would interfere with that instructables ultimate intent.<br/>

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