Picture of Complete Bathroom Renovation
This is a small bathroom but it needed a complete overhaul to save it from 'just plain ugly' - a designer's nightmare. From the floors to the walls to the lighting, everything had to be done. I wanted to do it myself to save money on labor. This did not help me save time by any means.

I have tiled a few floors in the past and done some plumbing and electrical but had never tiled a shower stall or gutted a room entirely. This was a challenging first but I learned a lot to share along the way.

Warning - Try not to drop over in disgust at the before pictures in the next step.

This is my first instructable so my pictures were vertical and horizontal. I didn't realize they needed to be all the same so some of them don't show well with the formatting.

Step 1: Before Pictures

Picture of Before Pictures
This bathroom was the ugliest one I had ever entered. Every time I walked in there I cringed so I knew no matter how much stress and time it would take it would be worth it in the end.

The poor taste in decoration was from the previous owners. Most of the pictures were taken when we did the walk through to finalize the purchase of our house. After we moved in the ugly bones remained and we lived with it for almost two years.
johnyaz10 months ago

I have seen worse lol

Good tips a good homework needs to be done Before you start renovating.

Epic Swank11 months ago

Good job! The floor tile is really nice! Btw... Who puts a lil ole mirror next to the toilet? lol (old pics)

All of the extra pieces just look beautiful and, as a whole, the bathroom is just wonderful! Looks like a lot of work, but like it is worth it in the end :)
flyingpuppy3 years ago
Congratulations on a job well done! It's a dream bathroom compared to the pit you had there before.
woldini (author)  flyingpuppy3 years ago
I had a vision buying my house. The bathroom was sort of nice compared to the wall-to-wall royal blue flower print carpeting, the peach floor tile, the mint green walls and dark wood paneling. Don't worry, I renovated the entire house. Bathroom was last on the list.
Heh heh. The key is knowing when a house has "good bones," and going from there, eh?
CazzPhoenix3 years ago
That looks great and I am totally NOT considering doing this to my bathroom now lol. Since you went over budget, do you know how much you saved by not hiring a contractor at least?
woldini (author)  CazzPhoenix3 years ago
About $4300 from the estimate. The main reason I went over budget was thinking I could get a standard sized shower door only to realize that when I tiled clear to the ceiling the 6 foot shower door looked awful - it was way too short. So a custom 8 foot shower door ran me over $1200.
That's pretty good then. It certainly would've been worse hiring the contractor and then needing the custom door.

I may have to tackle the shower remodel only in the future. Mine looks like yours in the before pictures... but I do like that light fixture... and my wife really wants a backsplash.... this is going to get expensive lol.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
The bathroom looks great! (I'm a sucker for mosaic tile)

Way to go tackling this project and taking pictures along the way.
woldini (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
Thanks man.