Picture of Complete Guide To The Jail Broken iPod
 This Instructable will show you how to customize tour iPhone or iPod touch with jail broken software.

***Disclaimer*** Jail braking your iPhone or iPod touch will deactivate the warranty on it so if it breaks you will not be given another one free of charge, there is also a small chance that if not done properly some of the apps on your iPod will be deleted- if this happens RESTORE IT.
You can find the tutorial for jail breaking an iPod Here.

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Step 1: Using Cydia

Picture of Using Cydia
        Cydia is the Appstore for all of the jail broke apps. Almost every app on Cydia is free and the ones that cost money are usually like 99 cents.
       There are 5 different sections on the Cydia main page they are: Cydia (home), Sections/ install, Changes, Manage, Search.
       In sections/ Install it breaks the apps down into categories games, entertainment, etc. Changes which is just the updates section.
       Manage directs you to a page with 3 options to go to- packages (list of your apps).  
       Sources which you add,
And storage which shows you how much room you have left for new packages. And search, which obviously lets you search for apps.

Step 2: Using WinterBoard

Picture of Using WinterBoard
 WinterBoard is Installed when you first Jail Break your iPod. WinterBoard is what you use to sort through all of your themes, lock screens and so on.
When You Tap on the icon a list of all the themes and lock screens that you downloaded will pop up.
-After you have downloaded a theme/ lock-screen go into WinterBoard and the name of the theme/ lock- screen will appear at the top of the list, click on the name and press the home button, the screen will turn black and say setting language, then type your password in and your theme/ lock-screen will be set.
slampron2 years ago
Okay, listen. If something happens with your iphone/ipod weather it broke because of Cydia or NOT, you plug it in, system restore through Itunes and they'll never know that jailbreak was on there. So stop whining and enjoy the free stuff.
king_zilla5 years ago
now, this will actually work without damaging the ipod or its software etc?

it might damage it, and if it does you cannot go to apple and tell them to fix it, cuz jailbreaking voids the warranty. gb123
clax1227 gb1233 years ago
yes you can you just have to back up all of your data onto itunes, restore it (which deletes all traces of the jail break), then when it is fixed just re-jail break it and sync with all your cracked apps
FFVIIBOY4 years ago
is the hackulo thing legal? please i need to kno
jailbreaking is legal but downloading apps for free is ilegal
NOLANX (author)  cj814994 years ago
No its not.
cj81499 NOLANX4 years ago
Hackulo is legal? How? You are getting "cracked" apps. That's iligal, isn't it?
Don't forget to watch out that you don't get the 'Rickroll virus'...
lulz. i have heard of that. one of my friends who jailbroke his ipod got it. we used to sing the song "never gonna give u" up just to annoy him. =-)
account3r24 years ago
does winterboard appear with any jailbreak, like blackra1n and spirit?
account3r24 years ago
sorry if this is a stupid question or not, cause i dont have an ipod or iphone yet, but what does "remote" do?
NOLANX (author) 4 years ago
The hackulo thing is like limewire when someone buys an app they can share it through Installous so it is technically legal.
Scammah5 years ago
I am thinking about getting an Ipod Touch.  Does anyone know if they will ever come out with a 120gb one?  Also will this hack work for the newer models of Touch?
120 gigs?!?!?! It would be very hard to fill 120 gigs in an ipod touch...
Well I have a 120gig classic, and I'm actually pretty close to running out of space believe it or not.  I have this thing about having all of my music with me at all times.

well, come to think of it, the size has been doubling for some time now, and i think i read somewhere that the 4th generation touch will have 128 gigs.

NOLANX (author)  Scammah5 years ago
 the hack will work on any model you just have to find the software thats specific to your itouch 
lilmod7705 years ago
to get all cydia  apps for free add the following sources: