Complete Helmet Stereo (Headphones and MP3 Player)

Picture of Complete Helmet Stereo (Headphones and MP3 Player)
I love music and I love my motorcycle.  When you combine the two you get pure awesomeness.  Being able to listen to music on my bike is essential for long or short rides.  Ease of use and accessibility is another requirement.  After using cables that come down my suit and plugged into my iPhone for a while, I came to a couple conclusions.  I wasn't able to change the volume or pause or skip tracks forward/back. 

I did try a rather useless device known as an "iJet".  It utilizes an IR remote and a piece that receives that signal that plugs into the bottom of your iPhone/iPod.  Problem with that device was cables running through my suit and the IR remote didn't work when near metal.  I had it velcro'd to my triple clamp, so if i wanted to skip the song I had to take it off the bike while riding and do so.  This obviously wasn't the best thing to do mid-ride.

As soon as I saw Apple's introduction of the new iPod Shuffle, I knew I could make a nice stereo for my bike, completely confined to the helmet alone.  This system does not need to be removed, except for charging the shuffle, of course.  The headphone are extremely comfortable and confined to the inside of the helmet.  All you see is a small wire exit the bottom of the helmet with little slack and attach to the shuffle, and the sound is amazing.

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davidm2009 months ago

why not get a sena? its bluetooth, you can skip pause volume controll songs calls etc on your helmet and its relatively cheap! well compared to the bike i mean (inner laugh) i have my sena and i love it. crisp clean and clearly audible. no but seriously.... they are cheap especially the sena SMH5 versions.... next stop? HUD helmets with GPS and all lol im already planning on getting a skully HUD helmet

KemikalzAreFun11 months ago
Why if you bought some Bluetooth helmet speakers? Then just made a little spot (professional looking) on your body molding of your bike for a iPhone or iPod touch, then ran one of those cords with the pause and play buttons on it, up and to one of the handles? It's more complicated, and would take much more time, but it would be easy access..
Mullet12154 years ago
Just a heads up. In most states it is illegal to ride a bike/ motorcycle, or even drive a car with head phones on.... and even with a bluetooth headset talking on the phone takes away from your concentration.
It is not illegal to drive a car with the stereo on, just with speakers that block AMBIENT NOISE.
The speakers are in the helmet, not in the ear canal. I have been riding like this for years, you will still hear cars creeping up, emergency vehicles, and wind noise at higher velocity.
Some riders wear earplugs to protect themselves from damage caused by the constant engine noise, haven't met any yet cited for it.
i wear ear plugs ( i ride a 2 stroke enduro bike )
I'm with you ArticNemo. As long as you don't block the ear canal, you can listen to you're environment just fine. I've also been riding like this for years.

Of course it's not illegal, otherwise systems like the scala cardo and chatterbox would be illegal as well.
I'm with you Mullet1215!
i just made my own on my skiing helmet. with a twist.
tconn3 years ago
i just finished, used this for my helmet for riding my moped. i just used some old ipod earbuds and cut the plastic off and velcrod them in
evalducas3 years ago
Great instructable. But first time i saw this picture i thought about the rain. It would be great to put shufle somhow into the helmet
triumphman3 years ago
Yea, your finished!
triumphman3 years ago
If you value your skin and bike, don't listen to anything but your surrounding environment. Not paying complete attention on a bike could get you DOA. There are too many kids in the hospitals now from not paying attention. People in big nasty monstrous SUV's are out there to get you! I know ! I have seen the stats and have been riding for 47 years. Heed my words . Age and wisdom go hand and hand.
wouldn't of be better cut out a piece of the helmet (with a dremal) the size of the shuffle put a piece of velcro in the helmet spot you cut out and on the back of the shuffle , then have the headphone wire feed in to the jack though the in side of the helmet (then it may not start cutting out do to the wind at 90+ mph.
Plus you could put glad press n' seal wrap over it when the conditions are moist or wet.

message me if the wanted more detail
teh1337ftw (author)  ALazyazzpanda4 years ago
NEVER cut the helmet in any way that would compromise it's structural integrity. Not a lot of people will be going 90+, and if they do it won't be for long do to speed laws.
it could improve the Audio aspect slightly , But if you were to do thatyou would lose some of the 'structural intregrity ' of the helmet which would be quite dangerous i'd imagine .
oh forgot to say good instructable :D
safadao4 years ago
Scala and the likes to a bluetooth intercomm system that also apparently connects seamlessly to an iphone and other blue tooth compatible phones. Volume control is easy, i guess the only thing it lacks is song skip. Might pay to have a look at it as an option. Better that rain frying your ipod nano.
imakethings4 years ago
good one...