Step 7: Stencilable Image

Picture of Stencilable Image
There you go! You end up with a semi usable image.
The key to stenciling is to editing out the "islands" of white in your image. You can make little bridges for them if need be. Once again this can be accomplshed in whatever bitmap editing program (MSPaint) you have lying around. I think the image I have can be edited by hand, so I'm going to print it now.
Threshold doesn't work :/ My image comes out pixelated
robbs6 years ago
I tried to change the color of my stencil using "select by color" but it remained black. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the input.
IAE8 years ago
On my computer the pic is same size as yours but it prints out sooo tiny and Whenever I try to resize it it still dosent workk!!!! HELLLPP!!!!
JoshuaTerrell (author)  IAE8 years ago
Just put it into Word or Publiser and resize it in program
oh, thx
Fenwick8 years ago
before I print my stuff, I select the black using "select by color" and make it gray, so I can save some ink.
nickjohnson8 years ago
If you have a laser printer handy, you can just print directly onto a transparency sheet, then x-acto out the dark spots. I used to do that, then staple the transparency onto an old window screen, and there you have a diy silkscreen.
JoshuaTerrell (author)  nickjohnson8 years ago
My printer can occasionally print a transparency, but it comes out all blotchy and I have to outline it with marker.....