Complete Guide to PVC Didgeridoo Construction





Introduction: Complete Guide to PVC Didgeridoo Construction

Learn how to build an awesome PVC didgeridoo. There are other how-to videos on this topic out there, but this one will present some novel techniques. Enjoy!



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    When you say eventually the rubber will soften, how long is that? how much does it take for PVC to soften at 510C? im asking cause my 1st try failed with breaking the plastic in various places, both by the clamps I used (cause I didnt have a smaller pipe to fit in) and my incompetence to handle a 5 foot and 2.5" diameter pipe (while sitting in a nice and cosy armchair :-P).

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    Hmmm, sorry to hear that the pipe broke. For it to have broken I imagine that you might have clamped it too hard before it had completely softened. The softening takes 5-10 min and is a pretty obvious change in the physical properties of the material. At that point clamping should bend it, but not break it. Are you sure you have PVC and not ABS? ABS is usually black and is much more brittle than PVC which is usually white. Try again with the smaller pipe. And make sure that you are in a well ventilated area. Might want to move that comfy chair outside :)

    I own two real didgeridoos that i purchased in Australia. I plan on making a few, thanks

    Great instructable!

    Nice work!!! I was thinking about doing this same instructable but found you pulled it off better than I would have;-)

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    Thanks!! But you should throw yours up also! The world needs more homemade didgeridoos...

    Nice work, but this didgeridoo seems a Tenia Solium.


    Great Editing!

    I saw one that used several different sizes melted together to create a HUGE flange at the end.