Completely Leather Goggles





Introduction: Completely Leather Goggles



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    So what exactly did you use for your Lenses on this project?

    I am confused on how he got the lens to stay in the leather. I got the rest of it figured out. Anyone have an idea?

    The lenses are sandwiched between two leather details. Clamped so tightly that take them out is impossible.

    Thank you for your fantastic pictures, if I ever get around to replicating this i'll used the sides of a trashed saddle.
    Have you ever considered making a gas mask type creation?

    Thank you. On creation of the gas mask, I did not think it's not my specialty, but in principle such a project possible.

    What did you use for the lenses?
    It kind of looks like the bottom of a beer bottle

    and where do you get your leather?
    nice job!

    I remember as a teen-ager recycling worn-out boots, which yielded some really nice material because the uppers were still perfect, having been protected by my jeans the whole time. I also recall the leather being polished from the denim and from one pair there was enough to reline the pockets of a billiard table. Since Tandy Leather is long gone (they had a local shop where I lived in Virginia), I would check in your region for a 'real' shoe repair shop because they may have some stock or old boots they would be willing to part with, order some for you or perhaps tell you where they get their supplies locally.

    I just Googled "leather supply Massachusetts" and found (just raw material) and (full-line of raw material and tools). With these online retailers you should be able to find anything you want.

    Tandy Leather is alive and well. For the record.

    ...In different places. Basically from old stocks.