well this Instructable is a little something I made while I was looking at other pen guns and realized that all of them were rubberband or balloon powered so I thought to myself hmmmm and then it came to my mind that the world needed a better "spy" pen gun. so the next day at school after the test was done it was time to invent

Step 1: Materials

Hot glue gun
Bic pen
screw driver
small screw (has to fit in ink tube)
pliers (optinal for better grip)

Step 2: The Gun

just follow the steps
lol notice that the pen says &quot;Family Clinic&quot;<br />
ok so
so, after you shoot someone with it, you can give them the pen so they can call the doctor.
Screw this website for making me pay just to see more than one step.
just make a free account <br>magic, I know
This instructable is really cool im going to try it. Thanks.
What does it shoot?
can i have better instructions and pictures, please?
to hard to shoot
not after a while
How about STEPS and VIDEO. :D
it woulldnt let me upload on a while back but i guess ill try again and looking at the ible i agree not the best work
A couple questions: How far does it go? Does it stay shut? Can you use any type of pen? Thanks
about twenty feet yes no just a normal bic pen one that does not screw together
It would help to explain how this works, as I think the design may be specific to the type of pen you used? L
oops i put all the pics on 2nd step

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