Picture of Composer Bust Statue Costumes

Invited to be members of the audience for the 2008 Martha Stewart Halloween Special, broadcast LIVE from her New York Studios, myself and my 3 guests had only one requirement. We must come dressed as statues.

Initially this requirement might sound easy enough, but if you really think about it, most any figure can be a statue if they remain completely still. This makes it harder to be clear that your costume is a statue without visual clues like monotone coloring, etc... or you are a famous statue, like the "Statue of Liberty", etc... I knew those costumes would be taken by others in the studio audience for sheer popularity. I have a particular fondess for the sort of creepy bust statues you find in a Disney Haunted Mansion, or similarly creepy environment, so I came up with this concept for us to be 4 famous composer busts.

Step 1: Research & Design

Picture of Research & Design
I first did some research to discern some basic features of existing composer bust statues. I could only find one other bust statue costume online, and it incorporated a roman column support to hide the rest of the persons body. I didn't like the visual of that, nor did I want something that restrictive as well as not functioning in a seated position. I came up with a "black art" concept that is the final version you see. 

Next came measurements for all 4 of us followed by thrift store shopping for the required jackets, shirts and accessories. I wasn't necessarily going for authentic ressemblance of each composer as much as creating 4 distinct costumes. I found 3 wigs, and one beard, and I knew that one friend would be using his own hair, sprayed white.  
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pterro37 made it!10 months ago

Thanks for the instructions. They turned out great!

davidandora (author)  pterro3710 months ago
THOSE ARE SPECTACULAR! You did a fantastic job and look amazing! I'm sure you had a fantastic time. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your efforts. You made my day :)
another picture with a little editing
davidandora (author)  pterro3710 months ago

So much fun! :) That seems to be THE pose people make with these costumes!

davidandora (author) 2 years ago
All I'm asking Santa for at Christmas is a Full Spectrum hobby laser. I've been oh-so-good.
poofrabbit2 years ago
This was brilliant!! Very well done!
davidandora (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Wow! Thanks!
Oh, man, that is good.
davidandora (author)  fungus amungus2 years ago
Thanks! :-)
ilpug2 years ago
That is a hands down amazing idea, and you guys pulled it off so well!
davidandora (author)  ilpug2 years ago
Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun!
drakesque2 months ago
This Made my Day!
r0b0t143 months ago

congratz on winning!

davidandora (author)  r0b0t143 months ago
veeisme9 months ago

There's a person who entered George Takei's Facebook halloween costume contest that made a costume very similar to these! I wonder if they were inspired by you?

davidandora (author)  veeisme9 months ago
Oh yeah, that could be. I originated this style of bust costume back in 2008, but it seems this is the year everyone has been inspired to recreate it for themselves. I've received many stories and photos from others, including friends in the past couple weeks showcasing their efforts. It's been a real treat, but I hadn't seen that guys costume. Thanks for point me in that direction. Who doesn't love George Takei?
ErinLannan9 months ago

Thanks for sharing. We used your template for this year's costume. They turned out great!

davidandora (author)  ErinLannan9 months ago

Yes! You look great- and it's awesome to finally see a female bust! Fantastic work! I'm sure you had a great time. Thanks for sharing!

ErinLannan made it!9 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing! We used your template for this year's costume and they turned out great!

ErinLannan made it!9 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing! We used your template for this year's costume and they turned out great!

myrrhmaid10 months ago

This is great! I love it! I want to make it!

davidandora (author)  myrrhmaid10 months ago
Thank you! If you do, take and share photos! I've yet to come across evidence of anyone doing this concept.
Wepwopper1 year ago
So Awesome! It makes me think that it would also be cool to do this with Other famous musicians from our past like The Stones, Kiss or the Beatles. ;) lol
davidandora (author)  Wepwopper1 year ago
Who knows? It's more common to find the classic composers as stone busts, so they are interpreted as busts more clearly, I think. With the right execution- and a good group of friends you could pull of something cool!
rnickolson1 year ago
Fa. King. Awe. Some.
davidandora (author)  rnickolson1 year ago
ravenking1 year ago
davidandora (author)  ravenking1 year ago
sekkei1 year ago
omg! hahahaha love it!
davidandora (author)  sekkei1 year ago
:) Glad you like it!
amblowe1 year ago
Composers would be proud! Brilliant! Creative! Bravo!!!!
davidandora (author)  amblowe1 year ago
Swell compliment! Thank you!
JoeMurphy1 year ago
decision made. Going for this one. Nice work guys!
davidandora (author)  JoeMurphy1 year ago
Spectacular! If it all works out, post a photo! Love to see that! Thanks for the compliment!
PACW1 year ago
So brilliant! Was going to say the pedestals were my favorite part, but maybe it was the shirt fronts. Or the way the black clothes became backdrop. Or the way you all looked so statuesque! Congratulations on the warm feedback you received from Martha and her people.
davidandora (author)  PACW1 year ago
Thanks a million! It was a tough challenge to come up with this, and a design flaw in my costume gave me a terrible neck/back/shoulder pain, but it was all worth it. Glad you enjoy them. I think they are an original interpretation of the bust costume, less elaborate in some ways than what I've seen, but more effective and less cumbersome too. Thanks again for the nice compliment!
claramecium2 years ago
one word: AWESOME!
davidandora (author)  claramecium2 years ago
two words: THANK YOU!
canida2 years ago
These look amazing. Great idea, and excellent execution.
davidandora (author)  canida2 years ago
Thanks! I appreciate the compliment!
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