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Introduction: Composition a Knex Ballmachine

About: Hi! I'm sathothy and I live in the Netherlands. I like to make coasters and ballmachines with knex!

Composition is a knex ballmachine with 5 lifts and 10 paths divided into 3 networks! The 5 lifts are: shifting wheel lift, connected arm lift(credits go to sandroknexmaster!), vertical chainsaw lift(I accidentally put jigsaw lift in the video...), double vertical car lift(counts as 2). It's 8 red rods wide(if you count the parts sticking such as the s-curve path), 8 red rods long and 7 redrods high. That's total of 448 cubic red rods :-). There where around 12.000 parts used in this machine and it's my biggest one yet. This is also my entry for the toy rods and connectors contest. A vote would be appriciated :-)



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    I soooooo nice! can you post your instruction please!

    Real sweet job done here! Thanks for following me also, can I ask, why did you? :-p

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    Thanks! Because you made some pretty cool knex stuff!

    Once again you have created the perfect blend of classic and micro K'nex to create an entertaining ball machine. Nicely done!

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    Very Nice ball machine!, I like you micro knex Style :)

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    Nice ball machine!

    I like how you use micro knex :)

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    Thanks! I really like combining both sizes of knex toghether.

    Thank you! The connected arm lift is awesome :-)