Picture of Compost Tumbler
This is another easy project. It will provide great nutrients for our garden and less waste in our garbage...

Step 1: Tools - Parts

Picture of Tools - Parts
Parts came to be around $40.
That's $10 for the barrel..
dwalker232 years ago
Great job, I've been planning my own which is slightly different. Hopefully I'll have an ible for that.
Here's mine. I've added holes for aeration (covered with fly mesh to keep pests out) and a door at the bottom so after it's ready I can remove from the bottom.
These are great as they take up very little space and I can have it on my roof space out side my workshop so the missus doesn't nag me over it.
In all it cost me about 10euros. Including 6 for the barrel. The lumber I had left over from other projects.
jcjdvm3 years ago
Your idea is fabulous as the composters for purchase are so expensive. It is obviously very sturdy to hold up to spinning. I would think you would need more holes for aeration, or it would be difficult to keep it appropriately moist, or am I missing something? I love composting. Thank you for the great idea.
fnkyplyr5 years ago
Whats a compost tumbler?
nice man
helpsme5 years ago
Dude - you're brilliant! Thanks for sharing your project.