Step 1: Stuff you'll need!

The materials for the worm farm can run you anywhere from $0 to $20, however you can find most of the materials in garbage piles if you wish.

You will need
  1. 2 Buckets - They should be 5 gallon, but I've used 2 x 2.5-3 gallon buckets.  I don't yet know if this will work with buckets this small.  Check your local bakery for free ones that they're throwing away.  I tried that but ended up having to buy a couple cheap plastic garbage cans.
  2. 1 Shopping Tote - This needs to be polyester because if it's cotton, the worms will eat through it.
  3. A newspaper and/or plain cardboard - A regular newspaper will do.  Don't use the glossy type.  Strip anything non cardboard (like tape) off the cardboard.
  4. Some water
  5. Some method of drilling or puncturing holes in the buckets - a drill, knife, hammer, force of will, etc.
  6. A small amount of leaves and grass clippings
  7. Worms - I'd start small with a half a pound (500 or so) and if you need more, get more after