I have always liked bows! So I made a Bow.

Step 1: The Frame of the Bow.

The Frame.

Step 2: Attaching the Frames Together.

Use orange connecters. pretty much put orange connecters were you see them.

Step 3: Wheel Part...

Wheel Part?

Step 4: Arrow Rest

Arrow rest

Step 5: Attaching the Bow String.

follow the pictures.

Step 6: Finished

You are done
i made this but the bow broke on first test, very disappointed. am i doing it wrong or is it just the bow?
it is the bow but if you add lots of yellow connectors to the bow arms it wont break
I added yellow connectors on the bow arm to make it More powerful
My bow is sexier. >:D
but its not a compound bow...
Post that immediately.
can you make an instructable of this as i wanted to make a long bow but couldn't find one.
whats a compound bow i know what a bow is but whats a compound bow?
a compound bow is a bow that uses wheels and pulleys to get more power:effort ratio, this means it can be easier to pull but you get more power than an equivalent normal bow
A compound bow is something you should look up on wikipedia.
a piece in it broke and cut my hand so I give it a 0.5<br>
this bow is pretty good!!
when i built it it kept on breaking so i fixed it up with some orange connectors<br>
Amazing build! I want to thank you for the inspiration this project gave me to build my own knex bow. I changed a few things on my version to add weight and make it stronger. 5*
nice socks lol
cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!im sooo makin 1 of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i used a rubber band instead of string it still works
&nbsp;if you used a rubber band its not a compound bow its&nbsp;technically&nbsp;a slingshot
I made this and it was not very good. the bow was all was breaking
i am making a compound bow like the mathews dxt
but i think rubber bands would work better than string
no letoff if you use rubber bands
if you use rubberbands it wont have the weight release feature when fully pulled
looks more like a crossbow because of the design but its still good but would be better if made of wood
mmmmmm no it just looks like a compound bow. search compound bow in google images.
I see now............................. you mean like the one in the picture................... nice
wow this is a wierd looking compound bow in this pic. its more like a cross between a recurve and a compound =/<br/>
This is a bow (or device as traditional shooters call them) from the early 80's. I can't see it quite close enough but it looks like it may be a Bear Whitetail Hunter. I had one of these years ago. Later I went with the Super Brown Bear but am now using only recurves and long bows.
its a pse or a browning, not a bear
cool i only use recurve. a wooden one...... anyway im gonna be entered in the london youth games next year. =]<br/>
thats good to hear
no problem, so hows life
good. lol
anything new happen or you want to happen
well to win the competition and also ive really been wanting to get a baby cornsnake. (just gotta convince my mum to get one :/)
lol ones enough for me =)<br/>
o ok then enjoy your little baby corn snake so he can crawl into your ear, just kidding
lol, my <em>ear</em>?<br/>
yes ypur ear, dont deny it unless it was your nose
Good luck in the Games and good eye while on the lists.
ty :)
well i dont know alot about this but which one do you think is better
A lot is personal on which is better. It also depends on what purpose you are using the bow for. The old Cherokee would use a recurve or a flat bow for hunting and a longbow for war. Today myself and most of my brothers use recurves and flat bows for hunting and the longbow for "cornstalk shooting" which is a game that not only scores for marksmanship but also takes into account the penetration of the arrow in the bundled cornstalk target. This ahrkens back to the days when the longbow was used for war as a heavy arrow such as would have been used then is used for this. Sorry if I didn't really answer which is best but as I said, it is a personal choice based on the use and need.
ok thanks man, it helped alot, if I have any quesions I'll ask
like these too put together. the first looks like this knex compound bow =]<br/>

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