Compound Bow





Introduction: Compound Bow

I have always liked bows! So I made a Bow.

Step 1: The Frame of the Bow.

The Frame.

Step 2: Attaching the Frames Together.

Use orange connecters. pretty much put orange connecters were you see them.

Step 3: Wheel Part...

Wheel Part?

Step 4: Arrow Rest

Arrow rest

Step 5: Attaching the Bow String.

follow the pictures.

Step 6: Finished

You are done



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    i made this but the bow broke on first test, very disappointed. am i doing it wrong or is it just the bow?

    1 reply

    it is the bow but if you add lots of yellow connectors to the bow arms it wont break

    I added yellow connectors on the bow arm to make it More powerful

    but its not a compound bow...

    Post that immediately.

    can you make an instructable of this as i wanted to make a long bow but couldn't find one.

    whats a compound bow i know what a bow is but whats a compound bow?

    3 replies

    a compound bow is a bow that uses wheels and pulleys to get more power:effort ratio, this means it can be easier to pull but you get more power than an equivalent normal bow

    A compound bow is something you should look up on wikipedia.

    a piece in it broke and cut my hand so I give it a 0.5


    when i built it it kept on breaking so i fixed it up with some orange connectors

    Amazing build! I want to thank you for the inspiration this project gave me to build my own knex bow. I changed a few things on my version to add weight and make it stronger. 5*

    cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!im sooo makin 1 of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     if you used a rubber band its not a compound bow its technically a slingshot

    I made this and it was not very good. the bow was all was breaking