Hello my name is Jordan from Sydney, Australia. I'm a keen woodworker and love longboarding so it was natural I make one. I spent many weeks researching, learning about designs, board structure, everything that could affect the board's final result. In this guide I will attempt to cover all the details including pre-production, longboard press designs and production, constructing the longboard and finishing the longboard.

This DIY project cost approximately AUD$100 which is cheap as longboards range in price between $120 - 299. Plus the longboard press is reusable and there will be leftover timber to make a second board.

This instructable is a work in progress. I will continue to update it and add any tips and tricks I pick up. Please leave feedback.
I appreciate it. Thanks

Step 1: Longboard Design

For this build I am basing the longboard on a Loaded Dervish longboard. This is because the board has a simple shape and design. I have made several boards with my own designs as well and will make reference to that in this guide.

When basing a longboard on a preexisting board, I have found the best way to make the design is with Photoshop. I have a separate instructable on making a Photoshop longboard cutout. Check out the link below

Is just a regular polyurethane varnish okay okay to do, or will it break/crack? I painted the bottom of my board
If I used plywood pre-layered should I soak it in order to press it?
Wich photo shop program have you used<br>
Do all the ribs slide freely on the bolts or are the bolts screwed into the ribs of the frame
How precise do the ribs need to be cut?
I would say as precise as you feel comfortable with
Was your tracing of the longboard exact? Or did you make it perfect when you sanded it? Because my printout is not exactly straight but I was just wondering
https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-a-Photoshop-longboard-cutout/<br><br>Did you check out my inscrutable on making the longboard template, the link is above, yer so I print out the template, cut it out, then yer trace the template onto the longboard blank. Then I cut out the blank with a jigsaw, then sand. Should be pretty good before sanding.
<p>For the 9 wooden bolt clamps, is 18 mm not a bit too thin?</p>
<p>Nah 18mm is fine, quite strong once the crossmembers are screwed in, wouldn't go any thinner though.</p>
<p>The finish is great! Where did you get the coconut tree vinyl?</p>
<p>Cheers, I bought the vinyl off ebay, search for wall art. Prices range from about $4 from china to $50. They stick great, just take your time, great way to take your DIY board to custom board :D</p>
<p>Very nice! One thing to keep in mind though is that a rib press like you show here won't apply even pressure over the whole board, so it's not suitable for building with thinner veneers. Vacuum bags are fantastic if you can get your hands on one and they make the mold building process so much easier. Have fun building and riding!</p>
<p>Sorry for the late reply, I thought i replied but must of not sent. Yer that right, I use a rib press because it is heaps cheaper, it costs $10 instead of $100 for the vacuum bag, but yer one day definitely want to make a board with a vac bag. Thanks for the feedback</p>
Nice job! You make it look easy! About how long would you say it took you to make? And do you think it's do-able for someone who isn't as much of a woodworker as yourself? Your instructions were very detailed and I love the designs you put on it! :)
<p>In the way of difficulty, it isn't extremely hard but checking every measurement 10 times and taking your time makes it much easier. The only tools you need are a jigsaw, drill and a 30mm holesaw drill bit along with the items outlined in the guide.</p><p>Cheers</p>
<p>Thanks that means a lot, once I finished researching it took me two free days to have a finished varnished board. Then over the next 2 something weeks its just getting the other stuff like griptape, trucks, bearings, wheels, ect. I bought vinyl wall art from china and that took 2 week to arrive. I'm still up to waiting for the &quot;other stuff&quot; haha I will add the completely finished board in a few days.</p>

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