Compressed Air Office Weaponry





Introduction: Compressed Air Office Weaponry

Using a can of compressed air to shoot pen casings across the office.

Step 1: Items:

First, Locate all needed items.

Nice and easy, only need a can of compressed air with attched directional straw.

And a cheap hotel writting device.

Step 2: Prepare

Remove cap and ball pen device. Leaving a suitable projectile.

Attach to compressed air can.

The device is now armed.

(If the can is new, make sure you remove the protective plastic tab...just a little tip from experience)

Step 3: FIRE!

Give a good squeeze on the trigger. Make note not to hold too long and waste air, the more air saved, the more shots.

!! Be warned, the pen will fly with a good bit of speed, so be careful. No one needs to get hurt...and of course, I'm not responsible !!

Attached is a cell phone movie.

(my digital camera was way out in the car, so my treo filled in my lazyness)

Also, with some small sticky notes and some tape, you can yield a keyboard duster missile!

**note, still pending proper testing with a wind tunnel for proper operation**



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    If you dont want to shoot anything but want to have fun, dont modify it any from when you buy it then turn it upside down and spray. Its freezing cold. ( it can actually cause frostbite if you are over exposed to it for a long time so...)

    Or You Crack A Lock 'nough Said
    P.S. Think About It

    yeah. like gamelvr said, it would freeze, and the air would come blasting out faster. by the dubbs: if you spike up your hair, use gel and then flip the duster can over. it freezes th gel AND makes your hair stay up way longer. **IF YOU HIT YOUR SCALP AND HAVE FROSTBITE IT IS NNOOTT MY FAULT

    They hurt I tried it on myself with a pencil eraser

    I bet the pen could fit a knex rod in.....

    OOH OOH! It might also fit a nerf dart

    Could you just use regular Co2 cans to refill it like the ones used for Co2 airsoft pistols?

    no unfortunatly, there un-refillable, because unlike the big ones that just press a valve down, the small ones actually pierce a hole in the thin metal top, which when your done its just a empty carterage with a hole on the top. you might be able to see what i mean in this picture (the top is just a thin metal, which you puncture inside of what ever your using it in) Picture :

    Let me rephrase what I said, I mean that could you use Co2 cans like the ones used for airsoft pistols to power it.