Step 2: Finishing the outside of the bell

Picture of Finishing the outside of the bell
Once I cut the bottom off the bottle, I needed to smooth out the cuts and make it look better.  Using a pneumatic die grinder with Scotch Brite pads, I smoothed and rounded the bottom edge where I cut off the bottom of the bottle.

I also removed the paint at the top of the bottle, and ground off the numbers that had been stamped into the metal.

Using a cut-off wheel on the die grinder, I cut off the valve mount.  I then returned with more Scotch Brite and smoothed it over.

For a final touch, I used a swirling pattern with the Scotch Brite to give it the pattern on the outside.  People have told me that from a distance it looks dented at first, but it's actually very smooth to the touch.  It has a nice, almost iridescent, look in sunlight.
EmmettO5 years ago
How did you put a scotch brite pad on a die grinder? Do you have a plate that you mount it to or did you wrap it around a bit or something else entirely? I'd be cool to know.