Picture of Compubeaver --> How to case mod a beaver - in 29 easy steps!
Turn a taxidermy animal into your desktop PC.

Both neat and handy!

Step 1: Purchase a beaver of your very own

Picture of Purchase a beaver of your very own
There are lots of old taxidermy mounts out there - garage sales, antique stores, ebay are all good sources for older pieces. You'll probably want a high quality mount since you'll be removing the bulk of the internal structure, so better quality (ie not falling apart) probably means stronger.
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Step 17.
Ironic, the beaver on its back and the...opening...you made...

I feel that I can't tell my wife about this, because I was ogling another woman's beaver!
Shagglepuff3 years ago
What about the mouse?
lol, the "mouse mouse" if I remember right :)
jcaresheets3 years ago
I have stumbled across this beaver several times on different pages. I do not think I had seen it here before ever though I am sure it was. But now that I see it here and I know I can comment directly to the artist that did it I thought I better comment. Would I have a beaver computer on my desk? No. However I love the idea. This is ultimate recycling!!
Turtlepwr3 years ago
It would be awesome if you could lift his tail up and the out would slide the cd drive
triggernum57 years ago
BTW, to those of you who are appalled by this I'd like to point out that step 1 is not "Find and kill a beaver".. And its no more disrespectful than the way nature deals with carcasses personally.. In nature a dead beaver is pretty much a meal and a toy to another animal.. Animals LOVE defiling the carcasses of other animals, but they like it even more when the critter is still alive for an added challenge..
Totally agreed Also, I don't see anyone here crying over "dead hamburgers" XD
dead hamburgers taste good. lmao.
dorian_rpg5 years ago
I'm amazed.. the the second best use of a beaver since.... er.. nevermind... but seriously. how has it held up? is your beaver upgradeable?
SephysManda5 years ago
This is so rad!
ManyuX955 years ago
That is pretty bad :( poor beaver. He would have expected to be eaten by warms or another animal, not to be recycled as a computer case or as furniture :S
Troyboyd5 years ago
 thats what she said xD but honestly. how does it not over heat? its inside a beaver?
Thank god this didn't get the ethics treatment that the 'mouse-mouse' received. Some people just don't have a sense of humour...
stupid P.E.T.A. bunch a dirty hippies >:)
would they rather have had an instructable named "how to eat a live mouse in 1 easy step"?
No, the problem isn't that some people don't have a sense of humor, the problem is that some people don't have a sense of decency.
Decency is relative. Do you eat meat? You may well not be aware of the tortuous treatment animals undergo (especially kosher animals) before they're slaughtered. Ever seen animals in the wild? They kill ceaselessly to survive. A simple piece of taxidermy is quite tame; quite 'decent'.
joeofloath5 years ago
Now why didn't they name ubuntu Breezy Badger 'Breezy Beaver'?
airecrist5 years ago
these comments are hilarious, the mod is amusing as well but the "beaver" comments are the best :P
chriskarr6 years ago
I want to cover my entire case with beaver skin so that my hardware will always be inside a nice, warm beaver, and I'll never have to worry about my hardware getting blue or red and irritated. I will also be safe if the beaver gets wet.
luvit6 years ago
"Ward, don't you think you've been too hard on the Beaver?"
BlueX2736 years ago
Lol, this mod makes me laugh just thinking about it!!! Good job!
Arbitror6 years ago
This is awesome!
That's revolting.
syphek6 years ago
you gotta make sure your beaver is smooth
It may be easier to shave your beaver... To make cutting easier ;)
davidmyriad6 years ago
Could you save time by getting some tupperwear for the components and just sticking it in the foam?
Put it as his tongue :P
I'd place that in his - you know -
geeklord6 years ago
I should make my own computer. If i could do something for the case like this it would save a couple bucks. Then i could fully switch to linux, and the whole shebang. Any good links for that sort of thing?
msspurlock6 years ago
I'm pretty sure case-modding a beaver is illegal everywhere except West Virginia. Unless it's your sister.
There seems to be some sort of tallish object on the left corner of the table (in front of the chair) that I didn't spot on the materials list... will I need that?
that might come in handy
syphek6 years ago
i thought it was a good thing when the beaver started heating up...
Enigma87506 years ago
'Thats a really smooth Beaver. Does it do tricks.
fazgard6 years ago
By far the cooolest case mod I've ever seen. Great job.
fazgard6 years ago
I don't think that this page title has ever been used anywhere else on the net :)
fazgard6 years ago
Haha - that's for the hours of frustraion cutting!
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