Step 9: Hollowing out the inside

Picture of Hollowing out the inside
The inside ended up being foam, which meant that there would be a lot of carving in the days ahead. I tried then to figure out the best way to tackle it. The foam is really rigid stuff, and using an electric knife and some wood carving tools seemed to be the best approach.

Rhysesmum7 years ago
for almost all foams a tool called a nibbler is essential. Mattress foam is tricky to cut and Styrofoam is really messy and a mistake could mean a startover. They can be pneumatic or electric although I have found the electric is less powerful ( can't nibble through sheet metal) but it does have a vacuum tube attachment, which more than makes up for it in cleaning. It's about the size of a drill and weighs as much too, so plan ahead so as not to get sore arms from overwork.