Step 12: 1. Bug : Common Bug / Ant

Picture of 1. Bug : Common Bug / Ant
Estimated difficulty: 3-4*
Time it will take to prepair & solder: 60min+
Materials I used:
- 6 Germanium diodes (small)
- 1 Tantal Condensator (small)
- 1 Induction (small)
- withe acrylcolor
- black permanent Marker

1. Collect the Parts. If you haven't 6 diodes you could also use any axial leaded components you have. You can replace the induction with a small capacitor.
2. Bend the wires of the diodes stairght and short them to the same lenght.
HINT: Watch out for those black rings on the diodes.
3. Bend down the "shin"

4. Solder the legs together.
HINT: Place the legs on an empty circuit board and fix them with some tape. Use more solder the needed.
5. Short up the wires of the capacitor and induction if nessesarry. Solder them to the body.
HINT: Try to heat up just the top of the solder, otherwise the legs will fall appart.

Final touches
6. Bend the legs untill every leg touches the ground.
HINT: If it is at the back to heavy, bend the last two legs more backwards
7. Paint the eyes.