Step 12: 1. Bug : Common Bug / Ant

Estimated difficulty: 3-4*
Time it will take to prepair & solder: 60min+
Materials I used:
- 6 Germanium diodes (small)
- 1 Tantal Condensator (small)
- 1 Induction (small)
- withe acrylcolor
- black permanent Marker

1. Collect the Parts. If you haven't 6 diodes you could also use any axial leaded components you have. You can replace the induction with a small capacitor.
2. Bend the wires of the diodes stairght and short them to the same lenght.
HINT: Watch out for those black rings on the diodes.
3. Bend down the "shin"

4. Solder the legs together.
HINT: Place the legs on an empty circuit board and fix them with some tape. Use more solder the needed.
5. Short up the wires of the capacitor and induction if nessesarry. Solder them to the body.
HINT: Try to heat up just the top of the solder, otherwise the legs will fall appart.

Final touches
6. Bend the legs untill every leg touches the ground.
HINT: If it is at the back to heavy, bend the last two legs more backwards
7. Paint the eyes.
<p>check out how we make Art out of recycled motherboards:</p><p>https://smashupstudio.com/</p>
<p>Check it out!</p>
<p>Agree with member who cant use good parts for this, so use bad parts! I do it that way to keep replaced bad electronic parts by years for some further using and voila - here is right place to do some with them.</p><p>I think coloring eyes and parts make loosing of models meaning and beauty. Its better leave it clear or made details from other electronic parts (say SMD parts) soldering only.</p>
<p>Here are some I made</p>
<p>Just a few I made.</p>
Just cant bring my self to using good parts for something that doesn't do anything there cool but i couldn't do it
'Good parts' is relative. I Just use really common parts with a special shape/color. I've thousends of parts with the same function. Furthermore some parts, especially inductions, haven't any information printed on them, so they are anyway 'useless'.
inductors useless they may be cheep but even if the parts dont have a label dose not mean you cant find out what its values are
It's Genius<br>
I, a former English teacher, think your use of the language is great - probably better than some native speakers.
Thanks :D. Could you say this also to my english teacher?
i want too :)
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hi...., nice creativity
iam enthusiastic of this kind of art. Very creative and well done and presented....5/5 and far. I like the colors you use and the combinations....the dragon fly is far my favorite.. Also you may try some fiber glass or fiber glass for wings. <br><br>I will try to make some of them....(always i was kept the burned electronics and also dead pcbs and cds)
I don't realy know where to get fiber glass. But a cool idea. Please show your bugs when finished.
really thin fiber glass you may find in hardware stores in the decoration department....But i dont know where to send you....you see i live in Greece......anyway....i will send some images when i try this...thnx
How 'bout a scarab, salamander, Pokemon (of the plant variety), or centipede.
A scarab would be realy cool and possible to make. A salamander and/or centipede are great ideas as well but I think I would be hard to give them their awesome &quot;character&quot; especially because they've got a very long body. A Pokemon is definitely a bad idea: If you thought about a Pokemon you know how it had to look like. It's impossible that my Pokemon will look 100% like the original, so you won't expect my design. I hope you understand what I wanted to say.<br>BTW: Thanks for your comment and ideas, that's what this instructable will keep alive. :)
Слушайте, классная статья, никогда даже не задумывался над таким. Спасибо автору за интересный пост
Great ideas, I love the dragonflies. I made a spider following the original instructable, I also made a small web from thin copper wires, so I got computer bugs on the net...
A web. Cool idea. Can I inculde it here?
Sure, I am happy to help, or at least comment...
Came back in a few days and see what I'll have done :).
For wings you can also use the insides of keyboards, inside a computer keyboard (underneath the keys) are sheets which look like material for wings. You can easily cut them with scissors in a wing shape. If you use several layers they look great. Love your bugs!
sunglasses lenses also work well for the wings.
I'll try it if I can get an old keyboard. Thanks for the tip.<br><br>TechGadgets
Great designs! Your designs show fantastic creativity.
Cool. I remember making similar - but much simpler 'bugs' using just an IC chip. Probably around 1985 or thereabouts. Mine were just a chip with the first pair of 'legs' bent up to look like antenna and some of the others bent forward or back to look like legs. I painted eyes on some using white out. I gave dozens of them away to friends.<br><br>Mine were not nearly as colorful or complex as your though.<br><br>Now that I have seen your bugs, I may have to go back into the bug business using some of your ideas.<br><br>I approve.
Use the ideas. They're free :). But show me me some photos when you're finished.
Hey man you are so creative!!! All the pieces are beautiful.
I have heard of &quot;bugs&quot; in electronics and software. This is the first time I've seen an electronic &quot;bug&quot;.
very nice.dragonfly is best
Awesome, I love the snail!
Very good instructable,<br>Just wondering, what did you use for the wings?<br>I'm thinking of making a light up fire fly where the tail is made from a diffused yellow LED. The body can be the resistor to control the voltage.<br><br>Again, well done.
If you had read the text below the butterfly or dragonfly you would know rhe wings are made of CD's. You can use a big resistor as the body, but then you may need an external power supply, because youieson't have enough space for battarys. Much thanks for the comment. Please show me your bug when finished. Good Luck<br><br>TechGadgets<br>
<em>Thank you</em> and you are <em>welcome</em>. You did some great additions to my instructable. I really like the snail! The <em>butterfly </em>and <em>dragonfly</em> wings look great.<br> I tried to avoid using glue since the few times I did they didn't stay together. But then again I didn't even think to use <strong>hot glue</strong>, that sticks to everything.<br> I made around 3 dozen this summer along with a few critters I sold at my garage sale, now I'm getting low on parts!
Hi,<br><br>very cool that you've seen this a few hours after publishing. To bad you haven't much parts anymore. But it should be enough for one more bug, I hope. If you are going to make some for another garage sale, feel free to use anything I've written here. It was your idea, so I would be glad to help you to some more bugs.<br><br>TechGadgets

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