Step 15: 4. Spider

Picture of 4. Spider
Estimated difficulty: 2-3*
Materials I used:
- 8 Ferrit-cylinders (small)
- 1 IC (Dip8)
- about 240mm pre-painted copper wire (from an air- induktion; 0,5 mm thick)
- withe acrylcolor
- black permanent Marker

1. Collect the Parts. If you haven't the Ferrit-cylinders and the air-induction you can also use resistors, ...
HINT: Check out the datascheet of your IC component. Maybe it's a voltage regulator, a very useful IC, keep it for future projekts. It could be also somesthing different, e.g. an LED Driver. After reading the datasheet for a few minutes and you still don't know what to do with it use it wor this projekt with a good conscience.
IDEA: You can still solder the spider with it's legs on a circuit board. It provides a great cooling and should work for all non-high-frequency IC's. Style up a circuit board :).
2. Uncoil the air induction(s). Cut it into 8 same lenght (about 30mm each) peaces.
3. Pull out the wire of the Ferrit-cylinders.
HINT: This might be really hard. Be patient. And also careful, Ferrit breaks easiely. Make sure your wire will fit through.

HINT: Read step 4 :"Tools : Vice"
4. Solder each wire piece to a wire of the IC
HINT: You can solder only the blank copper, not the paint. So you have to options: Either you remove the paint with a fine and sandpaper before you began to solder or you could hope your soldering iron gets hot enough to burn the paint (400°C should be OK)

Final touches
5. Bend the legs the first time.
6. Put the Ferrit-cylinder on and bend the wires again. They should hold without any glue.
7. Bend the legs untill every leg touches the ground.
8. Paint the 8 eyes.
HINT: If you fail with one of those tiny eyes (0,5mm diameter) you can remove it simply with a carpet knife.