Computer Build





Introduction: Computer Build

This is your intro dution on how to do your computer build

Step 1: Attach CPU Making Sure Arrow Matches on the Motherboard and Attach Heatsink

Step 2: Input Ram

Step 3: Connect Your Graphics Card

Step 4: Attach Speaker

Step 5: Attach 24 Pin and 4 Pin Connecter From Power Supply to the Motherboard and Attach VGA and Look for Video

Step 6: Turn on Power Supply and Test

Step 7: Time to Put Mother Board in Case

Step 8: Attach Mounts to Case

Step 9:

Step 10: Screw Your Screws Into Your Motherboard Matching Your Mounts

Step 11: Attach Your Hard Drive Then Your Graphics Card to the Motherboard

Step 12: Attach the Case Cords to Your Motherboard

Step 13: Mount Your Power Supply and Reattach Your 24 Pin and 4 Pin to Your Motherboard

Step 14: Next Reattach Your Vga and Then Turn Your Computer on and Your Moniter and You Want to See This

Step 15:



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    There have been a lot of computer builds lately. Curious if you are doing this in a class?

    yes we are