Step 5: Finished Product (Comparison)

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After I plugged everything back in, I added some velcro straps to keep the bundles tight.

Thanks for reading.
Newyears197811 months ago

Cool idea. Got me interested, in the end I am going with the pegboard route.

Question, when cables are too short to reach their destination..then what??? Have to use extentions (USB/HDMI/power..etc???)

舞子4 years ago
Thanks for the idea! I'm going to try this for our computer table. But the different length wires really do bug me also.
Jrob4204 years ago
Great idea very creative nice
Also should never ever place any form of electronics on top of your subwoofer especially anything containing a hard drive the huge magnet thats in subwoofers fries nearly any hard drive it comes in touch with
A good safety measure is at least a good 2 feet of distance between sub and whatever it is your using,in this case xbox,depending on size of sub though distance will vary.
thirdspaced (author)  Jrob4204 years ago
Thanks for the info. I did not know that! Lucky for me, I moved the Xbox to the top of the desk shortly after creating the instructable.
Genius. That is the simplest most effective thing I've seen on here in awhile. Thank you!
MrOctober675 years ago
I wish i could do that, however I got a glass top. So I can't mount anything. My main problem is that all the cords are either too long or too short. Bugs the hell out of me. Ill eventually get something so I can do this
thirdspaced (author)  MrOctober675 years ago
 If some of your cables are too short, you can look for extension cables at Monoprice.com or bluejeanscable.com .    They have about every type of cable you can think of, good quality, and low cost .  Thanks for the feedback.
sawatzky5 years ago
speechless. Thankyou.
I agree! Great Idea... Although mine looks worse than yours... I need to try this and see if I can get mine to lool as clean as yours...
MixMasterM6 years ago
Great idea with good results. Simple and cheap too. I'll have to try this out for the rats nets of cables crammed behind my desk.