Picture of Computer Case-Mod: Adding a Window!
This is a very basic and simple casemod, and yet looks pretty sweet. With the new window you can see in to a whole new world of computing........not really.
You can do this project for about $25
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Step 1: Pre-mod

I completed this project many years ago..... I decided Id use it for my first instructable.. this job can be completed in less than 1 day and by a novice modder.
Sorry for the lack of photos..... but this is an old project

Step 2: What to buy.....

Picture of What to buy.....
-Plexiglass for the window (you can score it to the desired shape/size)
-Vinyl rim (used in bathrooms to edge sinks)
-Jigsaw + metal cutting blade
-Side cutters
-High speed drills
-Cold cathode tubes (optional)

Step 3: The modding

Picture of The modding
First Step:
-Remove panel and map out where you want windows.
-Take measurements:
4.75" Down from top of case.
1.5" Right from back of case.
3.5" Up from bottom of case.
7.25" Left from front of case

Second Step:
-Turn panel upside down (inward side facing you), now draw the window hole (use the measurements!)

Third Step:
-Carefully clamp panel to work bench (you don't want to dent it).
-Drill a hole in corner of window location

Fourth Step:
-Cut out lines with a jigsaw (you could also use side cutters / tin snips)

Fifth Step:
-Sand down sharp edges and make sure cuts are relatively straight (if you want a rectangle)

Step 4: Finishing window

Picture of Finishing window
Sixth Step:
-Apply vinyl rim
-Slip the slit in the strip over the metal edge (flat side should be on the inside of panel)
-Squirt some superglue between vim and metal to make sure it stays
-Allow 5 minutes to dry

Seventh Step:
-Once dried, remove any labels from Plexiglas
-Apply a line of superglue along the flat side of vinyl rim
-Press the piece of Plexiglas over glue and hold for about 2 minutes

Let dry for about an hour, now your done!
cwaggoner11 year ago
You could do that. OR ! You could take a whole sheet of plexiglass, same type trim or one from an autoparts store - auto stores may have colors like neon purple, green, blue, or yellows, pinks, and black. Wrap the edges of plexiglass with that. Then make holes to mount fans. Also, you can get fancy computer case wingnuts with like dragon or biohazard designs for use after you make 4 holes to mount the plexiglass to the case from the front. If you do this, you will notice ugly trim from the actual case itself showing once the window is screwed down in place. I wrapped those in trim as well.
Capm_Crunch5 years ago
 another thing that looks cool for plexi glass is scratching a design or a word into the side so when the cold caths light up the glass, the scratches glow like thin line neon.
equinox556 years ago
you can also use metal rim you can find it in an automotive store, just ask for a trim that would go around the edge of the doors and the sales people should be able to help. It is a bit pricy here but gives a nice finish.
elliot817 years ago
that looks cool as man, really proffesional :)
wisepig9 years ago
Did you wire your cold cathode tubes to the computer's power source? If so, how did you do it?
Xellers wisepig7 years ago
Cold cathode tubes require a special power inverter. When you buy one of these tubes, it should come included. Just plug a molex power connector into the inverter and plug the cold cathode tube into the inverter, and it will work.
matt (author)  wisepig9 years ago
It came with a proper molex plug
phoenix1248 years ago
Hey, way 2 go! totally nice mod. u should join a modding group i set up http://www.instructables.com/group/modthis/
happy modding
Also, your window is sealed, so that leaves only one heat vent. Any problems in overheating?
matt (author)  Junkyard John9 years ago
Nope, it never overheated.. it was only a 1.7GHz P4 though.
Not a bad idea. Could use most of the steps to add fans to air cool a hot machine.
Nice Idea. I could picture a totally clear case with a ton of sequencial lighting and the like. Sweeet!