There's no two ways about it, most computer cases are boring. The projects in this guide are all awesome things that you can do to your computer case to make them better, so, pull out the power cord, bust open that case, and start hacking, etching and lighting away!

Computer Mod style
This is my very first instructable so tell me what you think. I looked on here for computer mod stuff and only a few things turned up,(making a window, etching on your window) so I decided to give al...
Computer Case Engraving style
An old-School approach to customizing a computer paintjob. I originally posted this on PCAPEX but I decided to post it here cuz it was my first mod. First of all, my first mod I plan on using my old...
Lexan Computer Case style
Build your own clear computer case out of wood and lexan. I started this project intending to build only a simple box, but ended up going all the way for this complete case build. Without the light ...
Awesome LED Computer Mod style
I am putting this in a computer mod I am making. Yeah, It's not finished, the panels aren't actually glued down and I don't have a circuit for it yet, but I thought I'd let you guys preview its aweso...
How to engrave a Computer Window (Part 2) style
This goes with How to engrave a Computer Window ( Part 1)This is optional but I think it looks cool.Part 2 is taking that engraving and making it stand out. This makes the window look Tron like in a w...
(Suit)case Mod style
Here's a modified case for my LAMP development server. It's not exactly finished and it doesn't meet even modest safety standards, but it runs Linux and looks good doing it. At first I put the comput...
Lego Hard Drive Case Mod style
I am a computer geek, age 13. I also like building stuff outta Lego. Now, my two worlds collide.I made a Lego External USB Hard Drive! Ok, fine, technically, I didn't make it, I just modded the case. ...
How to: DIY Modded Computer Case style
I was bored and decided to make a modded computer case. I did all of this by myself with the help from a few people for cutting the case and plexiglass. I hope this helps anyone wanting to mod their c...
How to add Lighting to your Computer Case style
Light your computer case up for a cool effect. Also, how to cover up cracks in your case so light doesn't shine through them.
How to engrave a Computer Window (Part 1) style
I have seen many cases with the engraved clear windows. I had desided engrave my wndows to give them a new look. This is not as hard as it looks just take your time and you will get good results.Other...
Build a Wood PC Case style
This was my favourite casemod; a mahogany wood grain computer case. I decided to use veneer because to build and fit an entirely wood case was more than I wanted to do. Make your computer look like a ...
Mineral Oil Submerged PC style
The following link is a tutorial on how to submerge a PC in an aquarium filled with mineral oil. The results were quite astounding considering the computer being used is a server for UT2004 and CS:S. ...
How to Watercool a PC style
Why would you want to water cool a PC? First of all it can much more quiet and it drops the temperature of your computer greatly. My quad core went from 50C under load to 28C Idle and under load! I...
Incredible HULK Nintendo Wii w/ extra usb style
Well I FINALLY finished my second Wii Mod!!! The Incredible HULK custom Wii. I took your guys advice and through this one on e-bay already! Hopefully It will make me some dough! This Instructable wil...
This is a short instructable on how I moded a Nintendo Wii case with fiber optic stars and logo for a Star Wars themed Wii! This Wii is on sale now on E-Bay, it will also have the Star Wars the Force ...