Hello everyone, this is my 1st instructable so plz help me get better :)

Step 1: Planning Phase

First thing's first

first you need to plan it. How you want your case to look like.

It includes 2 main things

1. Outer appearance.

2. and most important, You dont mess up your Case ventilation.

Step 2: Ventilation Before and After

Step 3: Case Cooling Explained

These are 2 In-takes

1 120mm fan hitting directly to my Ram sticks and moving to CPU.

1 80mm fan hitting directly to my HDD and moving towards GPU.

These are 3 Out-lets

1 120mm fan above taking hot air directly away from my CPU outside.
1 88mm fan at rare, helping keeping presure banlanced.

1 120mm fan inside my PSU.

Step 4: Disassembling the Whole Case.

Step 5: Cutting Out Shapes for Window and Cooling Fan and Front Panel

Step 6: Check If Everything Fits in Perfectly

Step 7: Painting Everything

Step 8: Put Everything Back On

Step 9: Add Fans to Your Case

Step 10: And Your Case in Done

<p>Nice! this gives me an idea on modding my case :)</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>i am so willing to try it!</p><p>but i have some questions (sorry if they are dumb as *insert a metaphor for a dumb thing here*</p><p>1. at step 5, do i cut it all from a diffrent piece of metal and then replace the existing panels on the computer, or do i cut down the computer panels themselves?</p><p>2. if the answer for the previous question is the first option, can i use something like wood instead of metal/scrap?</p><p>3. if the answer for the first question is cutting the case itself, do you think the first option will work as well? i am afraid to ruin it somehow and have no replacement.</p>
<p>Answers</p><p>1: yes i used an galvanized iron sheet 1.5mm thickness and cut the front panel.</p><p>2: ofcource u can use wood :D anything according ur convinience<br></p><p>3. No no i did not cut the panel but i did used the Power switch and restart switch from Case's panel :)</p>
<p>Very nice !!, I have a lot of those boxes sitting around , and case modding is great !!!</p>
<p>Awesome!!<br>Which glass did you use and how'd you place it?</p>
<p>Plexy glas / Acrylic sheet </p><p>used 3m double sided tape</p>
Nice ,!!!
Good plan with ventilation<br>I modded my case from 2005 and i have 7 fans now (at low rpm so they are quiet)
<p>thanks :D</p>
<p>mine is also quite :D later i added coolermaster's silent editions :D</p>
wow, old school case mod. I like it#
<p>thanks :D</p>
<p>I love these modifications! I love your write up, something I'd suggest is a clearer cover photo so people know what your final project looks like. Great first instructable! </p>
<p>Thanks i'll change it right away</p>

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