In this instructable I'm going explain how create handy shelf from a dead computer tower.

Step 1: Materials

2     wall plugs
2     1 inch Phillips screws

Phillips screwdriver
Power drill
1/4 Masonry drill bit (cuts through metal)

Computer case

Great work, I made from two AT cabinet and one wood board.
i want the mobo lol
imagine a house wiht all the furniture made from computr parts!
I saw a couch made from a bunch of old Apple //'s 
I like the idea---now to stack several together.......<br />
This gives me an idea. Thanks, nice 'ible.
your welcome<br />
&nbsp;You really want to mess with somebody, put a hamster running on his wheel inside then use Ideanator's cover &amp; hinge idea. &nbsp;When someone asks about your computer tell em its rodent-core and pop her open! &nbsp;Stick it by a monitor hooked up to a regular comp for better surprise.
&nbsp;very funny, i like it!!
Haha! Thats one way to keep people on their toes.<br />
And as an added bonus, it has a cover too! (maybe throw a hinge set and some magnets on there too? it just a thought)<br />
Also this is a pretty inventive use of a computer tower case, I like it!<br />
Thanks! To be honest it was just a quick hack.<br />

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