Picture of Computer Hacker Prank
Act like you can hack into computers and prank your friends and family with this simple program I made
Things Needed:
-Fast Computer
-Windows Operating System (windows vista and up)
-sorry dosn't work on mac's
-Internet Connection 
-Local Computer Hacker Program I made
*********To Download go to ***********
-------------->  copy and paste link in a new window

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Step 1: Download The File (if you didn't allready)

Download the file to your computer
download ------> copy and paste link in a new window

Step 2: Open the file and prank your friends

have fun!
negarnoori1 year ago
it just wrok on computer? !?!
abran53 years ago
instead of acting like you can hack into computer actually hack into a computer with cmd and telnet
I got Jack's Desktop computer also!
silly,but i will say to u:"haha"