How to hack you're computer's account using command pronpt.This stuff is really interesting and EVIL!!!


Ok, due to popular demand, Imgo add actual screenshots, use spellcheck and try to add helpful tips. So all you nagging *** get off my back!!!!

In this instructable, youu'l learn how to unblock command prompt, crete and change accounts, and change other people's passwords without them knowing!!!

You can even give youreself administrative privaleges...

Step 1: How to get CMD Prompt working

There are two options here:

1.If you have access to the run feature (in the start menu or press windows button-r), you should be able to access command prompt by typing CMD into the dialouge box (pictured below). You are lucky and you can skip the next step. cya on the next step, bye!

2. If you are unlucky, and you cannot find the run feature in the start meny, you're account is probably not blessed with administrative privalages. But we can fix that...

Open notepad (which is in the start menu under accessories)
Then type in "Command.com" (whithout the quotation marks). After that, type on a new line (by pressing the enter key once) "pause" (once again with out the quotation marks).
Got that?

Now for the tricky part. Click the save button under the file drop-down tab in the top left hand corner of the window. a menu should come up that allows you to browse files.Name the file as follows:
(The .bat means that it is a batch file for those noobs that are curious. Batch files are the language of command prompt.)
Save the file in a convieneant and easy to access place (I used my desktop)You should now have a fully functional showtcut to access the Command Prompt Interface. If this doesnt work, leave me a comment or message and i'l get back to you as soon as possible.
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<p>hey my windows 8 computer said that is needed to install something inorder to run the file. i need admin username and password though. pls halp </p>
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<p>Hi Neardood</p><p>So This whole thing was going well until I opened up the CMD.bat file. whenever I tried to hit any key the cmd.bat would just close out. solution?</p>
<p>there are 2 things you can try make a batch program to do it which pretty easy to look up or see if powershell isn't blocked </p>
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<p>The problem is, with command prompt at my school or even on my administrator account at home, without command prompt running as an admin you can't even add a new user account. At my school you've got to type in an admin's username &amp; password for that.</p>
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<p>I opened the cmd file ( btw, i'm trying this a Dell latitude 11, windows 8 laptop), and whenever i tried to type anything in the cmd box, it closed. It would stay open if I didn't type anything, and say above &quot;Press any key to continue&quot;, &quot;This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator.&quot; Anyone have any ideas on getting past this?</p>
<p>Use this in the batch file:</p><p>@echo off</p><p>:loop</p><p>set /p command=%cd%^&gt;</p><p>%command%</p><p>goto loop</p>
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<p>I opened the cmd file ( btw, i'm trying this a Dell latitude 11, windows 8 laptop), and whenever i tried to type anything in the cmd box, it closed. It would stay open if I didn't type anything, and say above &quot;Press any key to continue&quot;, &quot;This program is blocked by group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator.&quot; Anyone have any ideas on getting past this?</p>
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<p>Cmd is blocked by group policy. Tried the system 32 cmd and it works but when I type in the exact command. Access denied. Regeedit editing is blocked and I can't set myself as owner. Run shortcut key is also blocked. This should be fun getting full access. Any suggestions</p>
<p>try right clicking on the file and select open as admin type in a friends account name and password and TADA unlimited usage but only works on programs with unknown maker so far but i suggest getting winrar *edit* i have only done it on a school network </p>
<p>how do you do it with a mac?</p>
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<p>It reads when i try to open it:</p>
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