Computer Hacking/Security Testing with BackTrack5

Picture of Computer Hacking/Security Testing with BackTrack5
What I 'm going to show you is how to test your network for security. The idea behind this is to make your computer and network more secure. The rule being that if you can hack your network/computer then any one could

In this instructable i'm going to be using backtrack 5, metasploit and armitage to show you how to scan and attack a computer on your network.

Trying to hack someone else's network or computer without permission is illegal. (I thought i'd better say that just in case you didn't know!)

If you are intrested in more info about network & computer security check out these links


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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
A copy of backtrak 5
A computer or virtual machine to run it from
Some computer to test on your network

Step 2: Boot the computer

Picture of Boot the computer
When you have download the software boot the computer from the live CD.

The computer will boot to a command prompt you need to type in

$ startx

This will load the gui from here you can install backtrack on to your computer but you don't have to as the software will run off the live cd

Step 3: Update and start armitage

Picture of Update and start armitage
We now need to update metasploit and launch armitage

open up the terminal

type in

$ msfupate

this will download the update from the internet.

once the update has finished

type in

$ armiatge

a box will be displayed with some information in it just click on "connect." 

you will then be asked to start metasploit RPC click on  "yes"

The program will now load it can take a while to start, this is because it has to start metasploit first and then armitage

Step 4: Scan the network & find Hacks

Picture of Scan the network & find Hacks
Screen Shot 2012-02-02 at 19.24.09.png
Screen Shot 2012-02-02 at 19.24.38.png
Screen Shot 2012-02-02 at 19.24.51.png
First off we have to scan the network for devices

Go to Host>Nmap>Scan quick scan (os detect)

type in your ip range

While the scan is running you'll see down in the console window what's going on it will be blank until it finds something

Once the scan has finished it will show you the computers it found on your network

Next up we need to find out which attacks will work to do this you need to click on

Attacks>find attacks

when that has completed right click on one of the hosts then select attack and try one of the attacks.

When the machine has been hacked it will change to red with a lighting bolt around it.

Step 5: Exctue attacks

Picture of Exctue attacks
Once the attack has work when you right click on the host now you will have a new menu which list different commands to try.

so if you right click on the host and select interact and the command prompt you'll have access to the command prompt of the compromised host.

Very nice! I haven't had the time to try it out, but I look forward to it! Facebook.com/FamousUncleGeorge