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Introduction: Computer Mouse Prank

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Prank somebody into thinking their computer mouse stopped working

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

blue tape

a computer mouse

Step 2: Flip the Mouse

Turn the mouse upside down and put a piece of blue tape over the sensor.



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    I remember doing this with post-it notes at my last job. So awesome!

    3 replies

    Oh? Your last job? Does that mean you got fired for covering someone's maus sensor? JK

    Mouse in German. It's more fun to say.

    No need for tape. Just buy a cheap one from fleabay. Mine works when it feels like and has now started to double click faster than i can. REALLY annoying when you close one tab and IT closes the rest at the same time!

    if you want to be really evil, take the cover off, and just put a bit of tape over the light sensor that's used to detect the movement :) Noone will ever notice

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    I remember the time we used to remove the balls from the mice for april fool's.