Prank somebody into thinking their computer mouse stopped working

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

blue tape

a computer mouse

Step 2: Flip the Mouse

Turn the mouse upside down and put a piece of blue tape over the sensor.

<p>I remember doing this with post-it notes at my last job. So awesome! </p>
Oh? Your last job? Does that mean you got fired for covering someone's maus sensor? JK
<p>Mouse in German. It's more fun to say.</p>
<p>No need for tape. Just buy a cheap one from fleabay. Mine works when it feels like and has now started to double click faster than i can. REALLY annoying when you close one tab and IT closes the rest at the same time!</p>
<p>if you want to be really evil, take the cover off, and just put a bit of tape over the light sensor that's used to detect the movement :) Noone will ever notice</p>
Oooooo.... that's sneaky &gt;:D
I remember the time we used to remove the balls from the mice for april fool's.

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