Computer Mouse Prank


Introduction: Computer Mouse Prank

This is an easy prank you can play on whoever you want that uses a Computer Mouse

OH, and this is only my 2nd Instructable, so don't be too harsh on the comments please.

Step 1: Supplies

As for what you need:
Some Tape (Scotch or Packaging, either works)
A mouse (your victims mouse)

Step 2: Setting Up the Prank

K, now while the victim's not looking, take a piece of tape about an inch long, then put the tape on the scroll bar or sensor light (scotch tape probably won't work on the sensor mouses, the light will see through the tape).

Look at the pics if you need any help.

Step 3: Waiting for the Victim...

do what it says man...

Step 4: And...


Have fun! And try not to laugh too much when your victim goes insane!



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    I tried this earlier this year but I used clear tape with a trollface and a caption:"Problem?"

    oldest joke in the book!
    but still way funny

    Thats very cruel. But love it :D I am going to test it on my co workers :D

    or you could just take the marble ball thing out but keep it in a safe place an return it in an hour or so

    3 replies

    Our school some year ago switched to optical mouse because we alway stole the marble. At the end they were ordering new marble monthly, it ended up being cheaper getting new optical mouse :)

    ya, tried that at the library computers

    amazing. I have got to try it with our optical mice. Great work. Keep it up. PS does duct tape work as well?

    hahahaha what a nice Instructable, I had never thought of that before, good work, I'll try it

    hey the same principle will work with the laser mouses too

    What is that thing around the kids wrist?

    nice picture. good prank. i have seen it else where but that doesn't matter i guess?

    Actually scotch tape does work on optical mouses! FUN!!

    haha. at school. my friend n I were sharing a computer. so when he wasnt looking i connected another mouse to the computer and started controlling it behind my back. hahahaha, he was genuinely shocked. I opened paint and drew in his name. hahahahaha, he was so scared. but then some spoil sport rocked up and gave it away. he beat me so hard after that

    This works with optical mice as well. Using the semi transparent stuff on an opticalmouse can produce some WIERD effects.

    You could also just open the mouse up, cut the wires that connect to the ball. and then close it. Works every time 4.5/5 Stars

    Simple, yet effective prank.