Computer Prank





Introduction: Computer Prank

This will make the untrained computer user think there's something wrong with their computer. It only works on windows. it will make the computer almost unuseable untill you turn it back on. I suggest making them get you a soda first.

Step 1: Task Manager

They must first leave their computer or you can ask if you can use it really fast. Once you have it click Control+Alt+Delete. this will get you to the task manager. On vista you must click after this "start task manager."

Step 2: Ending Explorer

Click the tab named "processes" and scroll down to find "explorer.exe" click on it then click "end task". Everything will be gone at that point the start menu the windows because that's all explorer is. Unless they know what they're doing their reaction most likely would be. What did you do?!

Step 3: Fun's Over

After you've had your fun and made them do numerous thingts for you. Go back to the task manager and click File+Run/New Task and type in explorer.exe then click enter. That should bring everything back to normal or restart the computer by holding down the on button.



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Very good!
It's simple, so it doesn't take forever to do it, but makes your friends BALLISTIC!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

All I see is a lack of programmers squabbling over a window's system service. There are better tricks, like password resets.

To make this trick better you can first take a screen shot of their desktop, then set that picture as their background image. This will give them a picture of a start bar making it seem more like the start bar wont work. Also if you then take away the icons by the way of the previous comments, or however you like, there will be false icons too.


I know one! This will make all the icons disappear off the desktop. XP: >Right click in an open space on the desktop > Go to the submenu "Arrange Icons By" and then uncheck "Show Desktop Icons" VISTA >Right click in an open space on the desktop >Go to "View" and then uncheck Show desktop Icons

You know, this may be a pointless instructable, but if he thinks it's kind of cool, I think it's kind of cool, and some other people think it's kind of cool, then it's a good enough instructable for me. So what if it's simple? It's still good. shikaku, maybe he's sick of his inbox getting spammed, but with negative comments! Give him a break!

I had a virus on my computer that did this among other things. It was creepy

Actually, every time I've tried this (on both Vista and windows XP) the Explorer.exe process always restarts itself.

really? you have a smart computer. iv never seen that before. iv also tried it on both operating systems just like you and it worded fine for me