This is a simple method for using your computer as a light-box for viewing x-rays. Breaking your bones has just reached new levels of fun.

Step 1: Download White.jpg

The first step is to download the file "white.jpg"

In case you have not guessed by its name, "white.jpg" is a completely white image file. This is going to be used to make your computer screen completely white.
As a student radiographer, I beg you, please turn that that set of images over when you view it! The digits should be pointing up. <br> <br>@ CameronSS, if you ever have x-rays again, you can always ask for a film copy of them. There are printers that will print them just like a copy machine only on actual x-ray film.
how do i do it? unless it dosnt really do an x-ray.
instead of downloading that image, you could also use the white screen you can get in openoffice impress (I think it's there in powerpoint too). If you start a presentation (any presentation) running, right click, and go to the &quot;screen&quot;, and &quot;white&quot; it should turn all the screen white. same effect as the image, but doesn't involve downloading anything.
Darn it, the only time I had an x-ray (smashed my hand in a tractor scoop--nothing broken, just stiff and sore) it was entirely electronic. They put my hand in the machine, pulled out a cartridge of some sort, stuck it in a computer module, and *bink!* my hand popped up on the computer screen. I guess I could have gotten them to give me a JPEG...<br/>
Please, for the love of technical correctness, change that to a black&white GIF or PNG (or at least turn image quality down to 0).
For real entertainment, add a few other solid color jpegs in the folder!
Or, the white image can be filled with pistons, rods, schematic diagrams, rivet joints, etc, for a cybernetic organism (cyborg) feel. You could also use the airbrush tool in Photoshop @ less than 50% pressure (black or gray) and make some "smokers lung" dark spots on the white image. Just in time for April Fools day. Ha!
or a single black and jaggy line across the white image

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