Picture of Computer Screen X-Ray Viewer
This is a simple method for using your computer as a light-box for viewing x-rays. Breaking your bones has just reached new levels of fun.

Step 1: Download white.jpg

Picture of Download white.jpg
The first step is to download the file "white.jpg"

In case you have not guessed by its name, "white.jpg" is a completely white image file. This is going to be used to make your computer screen completely white.
Teauxni3 years ago
As a student radiographer, I beg you, please turn that that set of images over when you view it! The digits should be pointing up.

@ CameronSS, if you ever have x-rays again, you can always ask for a film copy of them. There are printers that will print them just like a copy machine only on actual x-ray film.
abroce4 years ago
how do i do it? unless it dosnt really do an x-ray.
instead of downloading that image, you could also use the white screen you can get in openoffice impress (I think it's there in powerpoint too). If you start a presentation (any presentation) running, right click, and go to the "screen", and "white" it should turn all the screen white. same effect as the image, but doesn't involve downloading anything.
CameronSS8 years ago
Darn it, the only time I had an x-ray (smashed my hand in a tractor scoop--nothing broken, just stiff and sore) it was entirely electronic. They put my hand in the machine, pulled out a cartridge of some sort, stuck it in a computer module, and *bink!* my hand popped up on the computer screen. I guess I could have gotten them to give me a JPEG...
Visitor8 years ago
Please, for the love of technical correctness, change that to a black&white GIF or PNG (or at least turn image quality down to 0).
LasVegas8 years ago
For real entertainment, add a few other solid color jpegs in the folder!
Or, the white image can be filled with pistons, rods, schematic diagrams, rivet joints, etc, for a cybernetic organism (cyborg) feel. You could also use the airbrush tool in Photoshop @ less than 50% pressure (black or gray) and make some "smokers lung" dark spots on the white image. Just in time for April Fools day. Ha!
or a single black and jaggy line across the white image