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Introduction: Computer Tablet Handles

I like to have my computer Tablet on my lap while watching TV from my easy chair by the fireplace on a cold winter’s day.  I find news programs, etc., more interesting if simultaneously researched on the Internet.  But I have a problem with my Tablet ... the dang thing is so thin and slippery that it’s awkward to hang on to.  So ... I made a set of Old Man’s Handles for it.  Problem solved!

Step 1: Fabricate the Handles

The handles are made from 1½’ square hardwood scraps that I happened to have, but just about any wood approximately that size would do.  First I milled a groove the same length as the width of my Tablet along one side of each handle blank with a ½” diameter round nose router bit.  The groove is approximately ¼” deep, just enough to secure the Table in place.

Next I drilled two ½” diameter holes approximately 1” deep on the same side of each handle blank near each end.   I used a forstner bit to make neat clean holes with flat bottoms.

Step 2: Dowel Assembly

I next placed a handle at each end of the Tablet in order to estimate the length of doweling needed and cut two pieces of ½” diameter wood doweling slightly longer than required.  On trial-assembling the handles and dowels and laying the Tablet in place I determined the amount that the dowels had to be shortened to fit the Tablet snuggly.

After trimming the dowels to their proper length I fit one in each hole of one of the handles and secured them in place with #6 x ¾” flat head wood screws.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Finally I assembled the handles and dowels around the Tablet, inserted the dowels into the holes in the second handle and secured them in place with wood screws.



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    Can you still recharge the tablet in the handles, or do you have to dismantle them?

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I should have mentioned that the power port and all the various switches are located on the exposed sides of the Tablet.

    HHHuuuummmmm. this is a great simple idea.
    However, I have some misgivings with this reply.
    1. I have an iPad-2 and the audio jack, the microscopic Microphone hole and the Power Button on the top edge will be inside the slot in the wood.
    2. the charging power comes in via the large Apple-connector, which is used also to connect to the USB port in a PC.
    3. The only controls that I see accessible while the ipad is "in the dowels" is the lock and Volume buttons.

    So, with regards to Kiteman's question, you would have to disassemble the unit to recharge it.

    Editing my reply:
    #2 connector is on the bottom edge of the iPad-2

    I realized that the author did not say "ipad", he said "Tablet", which could be a different brand and device.
    So, ofr my iPad I would have to disassemble for recharging.

    Yes I'm sure many tablets have different port configurations than mine so this is not a one-size-fits-all. Possibly with some modifications to accomodate specific charging port configurations a solution can be found. Thanks for your comment.

    You could probably cut out notches for the various ports, or just put the handles on the other pair of sides.

    I was thinking some elastic...

    I am eternally grateful for your computer tablet handle idea. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 20+ years and I have very little feeling in my hands . Now I drop things all the time so this is just what I need.

    Thanks a million times over~

    Thanks Connie, and thanks also for all the kind remarks from so many others. So sorry about the MS. I empathise ... 85 years of wear and toil have taken a toll on my hands too.