Step 2: Dowel Assembly

I next placed a handle at each end of the Tablet in order to estimate the length of doweling needed and cut two pieces of ½” diameter wood doweling slightly longer than required.  On trial-assembling the handles and dowels and laying the Tablet in place I determined the amount that the dowels had to be shortened to fit the Tablet snuggly.

After trimming the dowels to their proper length I fit one in each hole of one of the handles and secured them in place with #6 x ¾” flat head wood screws.
Can you still recharge the tablet in the handles, or do you have to dismantle them?
Thanks for your comment. Yes, I should have mentioned that the power port and all the various switches are located on the exposed sides of the Tablet.
HHHuuuummmmm. this is a great simple idea. <br>However, I have some misgivings with this reply. <br>1. I have an iPad-2 and the audio jack, the microscopic Microphone hole and the Power Button on the top edge will be inside the slot in the wood. <br>2. the charging power comes in via the large Apple-connector, which is used also to connect to the USB port in a PC. <br>3. The only controls that I see accessible while the ipad is &quot;in the dowels&quot; is the lock and Volume buttons. <br> <br>So, with regards to Kiteman's question, you would have to disassemble the unit to recharge it. <br>
Editing my reply: <br>#2 connector is on the bottom edge of the iPad-2 <br> <br>I realized that the author did not say &quot;ipad&quot;, he said &quot;Tablet&quot;, which could be a different brand and device. <br>So, ofr my iPad I would have to disassemble for recharging. <br>
Yes I'm sure many tablets have different port configurations than mine so this is not a one-size-fits-all. Possibly with some modifications to accomodate specific charging port configurations a solution can be found. Thanks for your comment.
You could probably cut out notches for the various ports, or just put the handles on the other pair of sides.
I was thinking some elastic...
I am eternally grateful for your computer tablet handle idea. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 20+ years and I have very little feeling in my hands . Now I drop things all the time so this is just what I need. <br> <br>Thanks a million times over~ <br>Connie <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>
Thanks Connie, and thanks also for all the kind remarks from so many others. So sorry about the MS. I empathise ... 85 years of wear and toil have taken a toll on my hands too. <br>Floyd
Very clean and elegant. You have my vote.
I really like this idea. I too like to tablet while tving. My hubby's the woodworker. I'll show your instructable and hope he feels crafty! Thanks for sharing and taking the time.
I love it when a practical solution is found and implemented with re-cycled materials. Very nicely done! <br>Build_it_Bob
LPL For The Win! ;O) Glad to see someone using this awesome tablet in such a creative way! I may do this.
Excellent idea - market it!
Excellent idea! will have to do that for my wife's tablet... <br>Same thing in silicone material could be nice too.
That is a very good idea! I have someone for whom this might be a godsend as well. Thank you for publishing a very good instructable.
I love your idea, it would seem I had a similar one but out of a different material (med. density foam) http://www.comfortablegeek.com/ I enjoyed your write up. Keep up the good work.
This would be great for anyone with limited mobility/grip in their hands !! Fantastic Idea ! Thanks for sharing ...
You are very welcome. Thanks for your comment.
Really elegant solution. You get my vote
Thank you very much.
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Well done! My father was very interested on this, he loves things made out of wood.
Very nice. <br>
Fantastic idea, looks great with the tablet even makes it look more stylish, what is the wood?
I really don't know. Several years ago I shortened the legs of a bunch of bar stools for the local pottery club and have been using the varnished scrap pieces on various projects ever since. <br>Thanks for the comment.
Ah... OK, you are like me cant throw a nice piece of hardwood timber out.

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