Computers can sometimes give you problems like an upside-down screen to messed up sound. I will give you some basic tricks and tips to fix computers. I will make an advanced version for tougher problems. All my knowlege on fixing computers will be here (or my next instructable).

Step 1: Levels

In this instructable, you will have some difficulty levels. Here is the order they go in:


In this instructable it will only go up to medium.
<p>For the upside down trick, it is a hotkey for an Intel Graphics program found somewhere in the control panel. My computer came with it, and so did my school's computers...</p>
This is the point where I complain that step 3 sound fixing part dosen't work on my computer running linux!<br><br>Its pretty non-standard hardware, and the sound is supposed to come through HDMI, so I'm not surprised.<br><br>oh, and windows broke<br><br>and step 4 dosen't work in some other browsers. namely, the OSS ones.
I said that it may not work on all computers and specifficaly said that &quot;It may not work on Linux computers in step 3.
you forgot that it dosen't work in BSD, solaris, and likely a bunch of others.<br><br>oh, and it dosen't say that it dosen't work in linux
Check on step 3! I said it may not work on other brands and I did mention Linux!
um, no?<br><br>Hey, wanna collaborate and write an instructable on stupid stuff we did throughout our lives? I have some but not too much...
Hahaha, not funny. Did you even check or are you just saying that? &gt;:P
I checked. anyway, can we make that instruct able?
Sure if it will quiet you down.
Links to it??? <br>
The hotkey will depend on your GFX-card software, so no, it's not just that simple.

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