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Computers can sometimes give you problems like an upside-down screen to messed up sound. I will give you some basic tricks and tips to fix computers. I will make an advanced version for tougher problems. All my knowlege on fixing computers will be here (or my next instructable).
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Step 1: Levels

Picture of Levels
In this instructable, you will have some difficulty levels. Here is the order they go in:


In this instructable it will only go up to medium.

Step 2: Upside-down Screen (Easy)

Picture of Upside-down Screen (Easy)

A virus may have caused you computer screen to flip or a toddler may have just been messing with your computer but it is fliped and you have no clue what to do. Call Geek Squad? No. just press Ctrl>Alt>Up (Down turns it upside down and Left / Right turns it the direction).

For some computers it may not work. I know it works for Windows XP. It works in my school's computer lab. I don't know if it works for Mac, Linux, or other brands. If it dosent, you don't have to worry anyway ;). 

Step 3: No sound (Medium)

Picture of No sound (Medium)
Is your computer speachless? Cat got it's tounge? Try this.

Go to Control Panel.
Then go to hardware and sound.
After, click sound (No, not any of the other options, just Sound.)
Right click on the Speaker and left click on "Set as default device".

More advanced settings on my next instructable.

Step 4: Popup Blocker (Easy)

Picture of Popup Blocker (Easy)
Did you popup blocker block an inportant window? Easy. Right click on the bar that appeared on the top of your screen. Click "Temporarly allow Popups". There you go. You will have to click the link again to go to your destination.

Step 5: Auto Correct (Simple)

Picture of Auto Correct (Simple)
Is Auto-Correct bugging you? Here's what you do:

1.Type in the word that is bugging you.
2. Press SPACE.
3.Click on the symbol that looks like lightinning.
4.Turn Auto-Correct off.

Step 6: Bye!

Picture of Bye!
Thanks for looking at my instructable!
private_11 year ago


hintss4 years ago
This is the point where I complain that step 3 sound fixing part dosen't work on my computer running linux!

Its pretty non-standard hardware, and the sound is supposed to come through HDMI, so I'm not surprised.

oh, and windows broke

and step 4 dosen't work in some other browsers. namely, the OSS ones.
GameNox (author)  hintss4 years ago
I said that it may not work on all computers and specifficaly said that "It may not work on Linux computers in step 3.
hintss GameNox4 years ago
you forgot that it dosen't work in BSD, solaris, and likely a bunch of others.

oh, and it dosen't say that it dosen't work in linux
GameNox (author)  hintss4 years ago
Check on step 3! I said it may not work on other brands and I did mention Linux!
hintss GameNox4 years ago
um, no?

Hey, wanna collaborate and write an instructable on stupid stuff we did throughout our lives? I have some but not too much...
GameNox (author)  hintss4 years ago
Hahaha, not funny. Did you even check or are you just saying that? >:P
hintss GameNox4 years ago
I checked. anyway, can we make that instruct able?
GameNox (author)  hintss4 years ago
Sure if it will quiet you down.
GameNox (author)  GameNox4 years ago
Links to it???
The hotkey will depend on your GFX-card software, so no, it's not just that simple.