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Introduction: Computer Tricks

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This a couple of things that you can do with your computer.

Note: This was only tested on Windows XP.

Disclaimer: This will not harm your computer in any way.

Addendum: Pressing the shift key 5 times turns on stickykeys.

Extra: See Appendix A.

Step 1: Turn That Frown Upside Down!

This will turn the moniter display upside down.

1) Right click somewhere on your desktop. (Not on an icon)

2) Select Graphics Options, then select rotation, and, finally, select 180 degrees.

Step 2: Mouse Trouble

1) Go to Start-Control Panel-Mouse. It should open a window that says "Mouse Propeties" at the top.

2) Check the box that says: Switch primary and secondary buttons. This will make the left mouse button act like the right one and vice versa.

3) At the top, select "Pointer Options"

4) Move the indicator all the way to the left. This slows down the mouse.

5) Go to "Wheel" (at the top) and set the number of lines to scroll with one click to 100 (or high as it will go).

Step 3: Last and Most Definitely Least...

1) Go to your desktop properties (see step 1).

2) Select "Screensaver"

3) Set the wait time to as low as possible. This can become very annoying after a while.

Now you have successfully reduced prodictivity to zero.

(Go to step 5 for extra information. I like wild goose chases, don't you?)

Step 4: Appendix A

This Instructable has had an appendectomy. Please see step 3 for further information.



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    lol im gonna try this on my moms pc :-)

    lol..first no step five then a step 3-step 4 loop

    ctrl+alt+down key or left or right doesn't work on every computer

    1 reply

    also try e-bombing ( hold start button+E) it brings up heaps of 'my computer' the longer you hold down the better.

    that's hillarious!

    Haha this should be fun on my mothers laptop

    This applies only if you have that driver type.

    its a joke he knows theres no step five -Quote, "(Go to step 5 for extra information. I like wild goose chases, don't you?)"

    When I right click on the desktop I don't get a graphics options option. Does this only work on a certain version of XP? (I have Home Edition)

    2 replies

    It is all dependant on your video card or integrated graphics controller. There is thirds party software available to rotate your screen.

    If you have an NVIDIA graphics card that option will not appear. Instead, there is an option that says NVIDIA somewhere in the name. Click that and then look around for a "display rotation" option or something similar. On the computer I used, It was on the left. This is only on XP. The NVIDIA options are somewhere else in Vista.

    this is not an instructable, this is just stupid features that windoze xpee has.