Also known as a CPU cart, this easy instructable shows you how to build one from parts you can get at IKEA.

You will need:
- IKEA "Slugger" casters $1.99 ( link )
- IKEA "Gorm" shelf $3 ( link )
- at least 8 small screws
- a screwdriver

My IKEA store didn't have the "Slugger" casters in stock so I had to get the more expensive "Rill" casters instead ( link ). Apparently they don't carry them in every store. They're $9.99 so it's coming out at under $13.

Step 1: Attach the Casters

Flip the shelf over.

Make sure there is enough room between the edge and the wheel so it can turn properly. I measured about an inch (2,5 cm).

The boards are about 0.6 inches (1,5 cm) thick, so don't use screws longer than that or they'll break through to the upper side.
I just got a Power Mac G4 MDD, and it is SO HEAVY it hurts my back to move it around! This would be the perfect solution! P.S. I got the computer for 3.50!
I would so do this but My computer is known as THE SHERMAN TANK because it weighs about 100lbs and The fan in the back Is the size of a 45..LOL and I often do DJ parties so I would have to have a sound system mounted on the cart as well... You could make it really cool and motorize it.......
I swear to you the computer i just built, is lighter than my laptop. lol.
if you have extra casters you can pull a Tim Anderson and build some caster skates, lol, you only need 2 extras, two pieces of wood, and a roll of duct tape
very smart idea! my computer is on a desk... but if i get one in my room, i will definitely do this. (favorited)

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