Computer Cart for Under $5 (or $13)





Introduction: Computer Cart for Under $5 (or $13)

Also known as a CPU cart, this easy instructable shows you how to build one from parts you can get at IKEA.

You will need:
- IKEA "Slugger" casters $1.99 ( link )
- IKEA "Gorm" shelf $3 ( link )
- at least 8 small screws
- a screwdriver

My IKEA store didn't have the "Slugger" casters in stock so I had to get the more expensive "Rill" casters instead ( link ). Apparently they don't carry them in every store. They're $9.99 so it's coming out at under $13.

Step 1: Attach the Casters

Flip the shelf over.

Make sure there is enough room between the edge and the wheel so it can turn properly. I measured about an inch (2,5 cm).

The boards are about 0.6 inches (1,5 cm) thick, so don't use screws longer than that or they'll break through to the upper side.

Step 2: You're Done!

Flip it back over and you're done!

If you've got enough room left you can put a power brick or two in the spare space.

It looks surprisingly much like a skateboard when completed. BUT IT'S NOT. I'm about 220 (100 kg) and I almost broke it just because I had to try.



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    I just got a Power Mac G4 MDD, and it is SO HEAVY it hurts my back to move it around! This would be the perfect solution! P.S. I got the computer for 3.50!

    I would so do this but My computer is known as THE SHERMAN TANK because it weighs about 100lbs and The fan in the back Is the size of a 45..LOL and I often do DJ parties so I would have to have a sound system mounted on the cart as well... You could make it really cool and motorize it.......

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    I swear to you the computer i just built, is lighter than my laptop. lol.

    if you have extra casters you can pull a Tim Anderson and build some caster skates, lol, you only need 2 extras, two pieces of wood, and a roll of duct tape

    very smart idea! my computer is on a desk... but if i get one in my room, i will definitely do this. (favorited)